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How Veterans Complete and Elevate the Diverse, High-Impact EMD Electronics Workforce

EMD Electronics is committed to meeting veterans where they are, and we support their transition from military life to civilian and professional life, providing a sense of community and leveraging their existing skills while helping them build new ones.

Driving Europe’s Electronics Industry Resilience – Insights by Bosch

Jens Fabrowsky, executive VP of Automotive Electronics at Robert Bosch GmbH, spoke about changes in the European electronics industry necessary for the region to become more resilient, sharing his views during the panel discussion at SEMI ISS Europe on May 30 2022 in Brussels, Belgium.

40 Years of Chip Manufacturing Innovations – Advanced Energy Helps Fuel Advances with Precision Power Solutions

The year 1981 was notable for a variety of technology breakthroughs. Few could have predicted just how dramatic an impact the global electronics industry would have in the following 40 years, as it now touches almost every aspect of our daily lives.

Rags to Riches: Vietnam’s Growing Electronics Industry

If you look at your clothes or shoes, there is a growing chance you will see the words Made in Vietnam printed on the tag. Since the United States lifted its trade embargo against Vietnam in 1994, the country has become the second largest exporter of apparel and shoes to the U.S. What may be less...

SEMI Evolves with Eye to Future: Interview with Bettina Weiss

A lot has happened in fifty years, particularly when it comes to the microelectronics industry. Founded in 1970 by a group of semiconductor industry pioneers who believed that co-opetition — instead of traditional competition—would produce a more vibrant emerging industry, SEMI was born as an...

Making the Invisible Visible: Automated Defect Detection Improves Sapphire Yields

Sapphire is a precious gemstone, consisting of aluminum oxide (α-Al2O3) with occasional traces of other elements such as iron, titanium, chromium, vanadium or magnesium. While sapphire stones found in nature mostly go to jewelry applications, the lab-grown sapphire – produced in a scale of up to...

Evolving STEM Education for an Electronics Industry Workforce

With one of the oldest and largest public education systems in the developed world, how well does the US public education system serve the global electronics industry? Public education in the US has had time on its side. In 1635 the Boston Latin School became the first public school in the US....