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More Chip Jobs Coming to Ohio as University Students Eye Microelectronics Careers in the Heartland

More than 400 students from disciplines including electrical and computer engineering, materials science, physics, and business registered for the inaugural Semiconductor Day at Ohio State University.

Supply Chain Resilience and Agility – Two Critical Sides of the Same Coin

The SEMI white paper A Vision for Electronics Supply Chain Management examines the vital importance of the electronics supply chain, current supply chain challenges, and the criticality of transparency, collaboration, and information sharing to mitigate disruptions.

Supply Chain Collaboration Key to Making Chip Industry More Sustainable: Takeaways From SEMICON Europa 2022

Coming in the wake of the COP27, the Smart and Green Manufacturing Summit at SEMICON Europa 2022 (Munich, 15-17 November) had a timely focus on the semiconductor industry’s contribution to meeting the United Nations’ target of limiting global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

When M&As and Venture Capital Become Key to Corporate Growth: Takeaways from SEMI Taiwan Executive Luncheon

With the emergence of consolidation as a potent engine of semiconductor industry growth, global mergers and acquisitions are sweeping the industry as companies look to accelerate advances across segments including data centers, AI, IoT and automotive chips.

Griffin Securities’ Jay Vleeschhouwer Offers Wall Street View of EDA Industry

Jay Vleeschhouwer, managing director of Griffin Securities, has followed the EDA industry as a leading financial analyst for 25 years and is a popular speaker at the annual Design Automation Conference. Vleeschhouwer discusses his DAC presentation The State of EDA: A View from Wall Street.

Strengthening the Semiconductor Supply Chain Through Supplier Diversity

SEMI MOD Working Group participants include SEMI member companies and organizations that are diverse-owned or led. The MOD also includes (NGOs and councils that specialize in measuring and certifying diverse-owned and led businesses that serve or could potentially support the chip industry.

Pact for Skills: X-FAB on Opportunities for Europe's Semiconductor Industry Growth

The Pact for Skills aims to support upskilling and reskilling and generate European, national and regional funding to attract new talent. Launched by commissioners Breton and Schmit, the Pact makes it a priority to create a well-skilled workforce in microelectronics R&D, design, and manufacturing.

The Semiconductor Sustainability Challenge – Accenture Weighs In

Guido D’hert, High Tech and Semiconductor Industry Europe Lead at Accenture, spoke about challenges semiconductor companies face in meeting sustainability goals and how to apply analytics, new green technologies and circular design, sharing during his presentation at ISS Europe in Brussels, Belgium.

Internships: EMD Electronics Invests in Next-Generation Chip Industry Workforce

EMD Electronics welcomes dozens of interns into its various business functions nationwide every year. Students from under-graduate and postgraduate programs gain valuable experience in a global science and technology company connecting with colleagues across the world from day one.

Collaborating to Tackle Chip Industry Retention, Inclusion and Workforce Shortage Challenges

29 new fabs will break ground globally between now and 2022. But who will staff them? With 34,000 current vacancies in the semiconductors industry worldwide, companies large and small are already competing for the same talent pool.