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MEMS & Sensors Market Forecast: Impact of Semiconductor Industry Slowdown

MSTC 2023 will open with Nora Houlihan, senior research analyst for MEMS & Sensors with Omdia, providing a 2023 market update and a look at what’s ahead.

Unleashing the Potential of Compound Semiconductors: Industry Leaders Collaborate at SEMICON Taiwan 2022 to Create Ecosystem

Leading experts gathered at the Power and Opto Semiconductor Forum at SEMICON Taiwan 2022 last year to discuss the growing importance of the devices in semiconductor innovation as the chip industry works to develop a robust compound semiconductor ecosystem.

When M&As and Venture Capital Become Key to Corporate Growth: Takeaways from SEMI Taiwan Executive Luncheon

With the emergence of consolidation as a potent engine of semiconductor industry growth, global mergers and acquisitions are sweeping the industry as companies look to accelerate advances across segments including data centers, AI, IoT and automotive chips.

S2C Paves Way to Digital Innovation with Cutting-Edge Chip Design Verification Solutions

Founded in 2004, S2C’s worldwide customer base uses its desktop and enterprise field programmable gate array (FPGA) prototyping tools to verify system on chip (SoC) and application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) designs will work as intended.

Deeper Collaboration Key to Continuing Semiconductor Innovation, Zero Defects for Automotive Industry

Antoine Amade, VP of sales for the Microcontamination Control division at Entegris, discusses innovation opportunities for semiconductor technologies entering the automotive domain, views on design and process engineering, and collaboration between the semiconductor and automotive industries.

Electrostatic Energy Drives Higher Power-Efficiency and Performance in Chip Design

Azeez Bhavnagarwala, Metis’ founder and CEO, speaks about advanced CMOS Memory and Arithmetic component intellectual property (IP) to improve energy efficiency and performance of processors.

40 Years of Chip Manufacturing Innovations – Advanced Energy Helps Fuel Advances with Precision Power Solutions

The year 1981 was notable for a variety of technology breakthroughs. Few could have predicted just how dramatic an impact the global electronics industry would have in the following 40 years, as it now touches almost every aspect of our daily lives.

From Fledgling Business to the Core of Chips: CAST Bears Witness to Silicon IP Market Maturation

In the early 1990s, engineers of varying degrees of skill with a powerful PC set up shop designing and selling blocks or libraries of reusable components with a defined interface and behavior. These blocks, known as intellectual property, or IP, were then (and still are) integrated into a larger...

Exploring the Move to Bespoke Silicon and 3D IC Designs with Ansys

Spend any time with Ansys’ John Lee, Rich Goldman or Marc Swinnen and you’ll hear plenty of optimism about the semiconductor industry even though they tick off a long list of looming design challenges. The need for reliable and effective electronic systems, they emphasize, is great and runs through...

Surging Chip Demand, Digital Transformation and COVID-19 – Insights from Wells Fargo

U.S. consumers are flush with cash, the American economy is hurtling back from the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the semiconductor industry is flying high on skyrocketing chip demand, with chip equities soaring since the initial outbreak in early 2020 as virus outbreaks worldwide...