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Tackling the Chip Industry Talent Shortage Through Inclusive Leadership and Workplaces: Insights from Comet Yxlon

Comet Yxlon provides X-ray and  computed tomography (CT) inspection solutions for R&D labs and production environments, including semiconductor manufacturing facilities, to enhance their productivity.

Making Sustainability a Leadership Imperative in the Semiconductor Industry

Along with two experts on sustainability from Mercuri Urval, I have drafted a quick-read White Paper on finding Sustainability Initiative leaders. Below are a few highlights from the white paper with the entire paper available on our Sustainability Initiative website.

Diversity Helps Spur Materials Innovation for EMD Electronics

Women remain sorely underrepresented in the microelectronics industry worldwide and are a minority in the science, engineering, chemistry and physics fields overall even as companies struggle to fill open positions. A SEMI blog earlier this year reported that, according to the American Association...

Promoting Diversity in Tech – Bringing Awareness to Unconscious Bias

In the span of a mere second, the human brain processes 11 million bits of information. That’s a lot of brain-racking. Or is it? The fact is a microscopic fraction of that volume – 40 bits – courses through our brain consciously. The vast majority of the information is processed under the radar of...