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MEMS & Sensors Market Forecast: Impact of Semiconductor Industry Slowdown

MSTC 2023 will open with Nora Houlihan, senior research analyst for MEMS & Sensors with Omdia, providing a 2023 market update and a look at what’s ahead.

SEMI FlexTech Funds Development of Leading-Edge Sensorized Glove

The hand has never been so sensitive. A sleek sensorized glove that monitors pressure to human hands – and objects they touch – for automotive, consumer packaging, robotics and medical applications just took a step closer to real-world use.

Imec Deep Tech Drives Semiconductor Sustainability

Luc Van den hove, president and CEO at imec, spoke on semiconductor sustainability, healthcare trends and deep tech, and their implications for the semiconductor industry, sharing his views ahead of his keynote presentation at SEMI ISS Europe on May 30, 2022, in Brussels, Belgium.

Through Her Eyes: High-School Student Creates Podcast to Expose Minority Students to Semiconductor Engineering

SEMI High Tech U (HTU) alumnus Oindree Chatterjee discusses why she created The STEM Corner podcast, available on Spotify, where she interviews professionals in the semiconductor industry.

Smart Manufacturing: Experts Weigh in on Talent Shortage and Solutions

In this article, several experts weigh in on considerations for developing the smart manufacturing workforce that will help to alleviate the U.S. semiconductor manufacturing talent shortage, even as multiple, data-intensive $1 billion to $10 billion fabrication facilities come online.

AEM Test and Handling Solutions Help Power Advanced Computing, 5G, AI Innovation

AEM Holdings Ltd, a Singapore-based multinational corporation, is listed in Forbes Asia’s 200 Best Under A Billion 2019 and 2020 spotlighting small and midsized companies in the Asia-Pacific region with sales under $1 billion. AEM clinched the Singapore Business Review Technology Excellence Award...

HP Singapore Smart Manufacturing Strategies to Optimize Production Flexibility and Efficiency

The state of manufacturing is changing rapidly. Regardless of sector or location, manufacturing decision-makers across the world are signaling a desire for better supply chain resiliency, manufacturing flexibility, increased speed of innovation and stronger environmental...

Smart Mobility, 5G, Renewable Energy Drives Need for New Chip Materials for Power Devices

Electric mobility, renewable energy and other technology innovations like IoT, 5G, smart manufacturing and robotics all require reliability, efficiency, and compact power systems, fueling the adoption of Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) to support lower voltages in significantly...

SEMICON Japan Goes Virtual with Industry Outlook, Quantum Computing, Hands-Free Driving and More

If you think the world is flooded with a mind-boggling volume of digital content, then you might be just a amazed to learn about the sheer wealth of information and business opportunities that will be uncovered at this year’s SEMICON Japan as the event goes full digital.To start, more than 160...

Post COVID-19 Impacts and Strategies for the Semiconductor Supply Chain: Insights from SEMI Japan Members Day Webinar Series

Japan’s semiconductor industry has weathered the COVID-19 pandemic to post robust growth. Far from a temporary setback, COVID-19 will lead to enduring change in how we work and live. And just as automation has been a bulwark against the devastating business impacts of the virus outbreak, increasing...