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Top 10 Reasons to Join New Semiconductor Climate Consortium

To accelerate efforts to reduce the climate impact of the semiconductor value chain, SEMI members from the equipment, materials and service sectors, as well as several device manufacturers are forming the Semiconductor Climate Consortium (SCC).

SEMI Smart Manufacturing Initiative Works to Help Chip Industry Achieve Industry 4.0 Ambitions

Massive capacity expansions will necessarily integrate advanced Industry 4.0 standards, practices and technology to achieve the highest possible operational efficiency and performance at the start of volume production.

Exploring Market Demand for Pervasive Gas Monitoring

More consumer and industrial products may emit volatiles that now are known to be harmful, including furniture, passenger cars, and industrial trucks. Interest in detecting and measuring the gaseous pollutants is growing in order to create effective responses to reduce or eliminate health risks. 

Legacy Software Is Not an IT Issue, But an Issue of Cybersecurity Depreciation

In January 2022, SEMI Taiwan released SEMI E187 – Specification for Cybersecurity of Fab Equipment. What cybersecurity pain points does SEMI E187 ultimately address?

When Cybersecurity Standards Meet Management

Since the release of ISO 27001, a raft of new international information security standards have emerged. Within the trend of cyber/digital resilience, how exactly do senior executives understand the latest cybersecurity standards from a management perspective?

SEMI Evolves with Eye to Future: Interview with Bettina Weiss

A lot has happened in fifty years, particularly when it comes to the microelectronics industry. Founded in 1970 by a group of semiconductor industry pioneers who believed that co-opetition — instead of traditional competition—would produce a more vibrant emerging industry, SEMI was born as an...

Microelectronics Power the Future of Mobility – Part 2: Opportunities for Electronics

In the first part of this double feature, we looked at the automotive industry’s transition toward a mobility ecosystem and the shifting business model perspective from selling vehicles to miles. At the core of these changing dynamics are four trends represented by the acronym ACES: Autonomous,...

Entegris’s Pandemic Response and Best Practices for a Global Team

Olivier Corvez, senior manager of Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability at SEMI, sat down (virtually) with Todd Patterson, vice president of global EHS for Entegris Global Operations, to discuss how Entegris has responded to the global pandemic.Corvez manages and Patterson participates in...

A Virtuous Data Circle

This article is the fifth and final in a series highlighting the vital importance of SEMI Standards to commemorate the publication of the 1000th SEMI Standard in July 2019.  Find the entire series here.As we define industry standards for managing data in the fab and beyond, we are creating a...

The Semiconductor Industry’s Secret to Success

This article is the fourth in a series highlighting the vital importance of SEMI Standards to commemorate the publication of the 1000th SEMI Standard in July 2019. Find the entire series here.Computer prices have plunged over the years even as desktop and laptop PC performance has skyrocketed...