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Improving Chip Design and Verification Efficiency with IC Manage

ESD Alliance member company IC Manage enables global teams to efficiently collaborate during design and verification of systems and chips. IC Manage provides design data and IP management, data analytics, hybrid cloud bursting and high-performance computing software to systems and chip companies.

Securing the Chip Design Flow to Tackle Cyber Threats and Ensure Hardware Integrity

Protecting advanced computing infrastructure and the electronic devices that underpin our global economies, businesses and personal lives is essential in the face of growing cybersecurity threats.

Getting it Right the First Time With Sigasi

Belgium-based Sigasi, a member of the ESD Alliance, a SEMI Technology Community, is a digital chip design validation company that firmly believes in the shift-left methodology to get chip designs right the first time. Sigasi has developed an Integrated Design Environment (IDE) that does just that.

D2S CEO Aki Fujimura: Curvy Design’s Time Has Come

Aki Fujimura, CEO of D2S and a member of the ESD Alliance Governing Council, is an expert on curvilinear (aka curvy) chip design. He believes curvy chip designs will replace the traditional Manhattan routing methods, leading to smaller, faster and more power efficient devices.

Boosting Semiconductor Performance With Quantum-Engineered Materials

Atomera is a semiconductor materials and technology licensing company and the newest member of the ESD Alliance. I spoke with Atomera CEO Scott Bibaud to learn more about its atomic-level technology that enhances transistors to improve performance in electronic products.

Looking Forward to the New Chip Cycle With Needham & Company’s Charles Shi

I recently spoke with Shi about his talk Looking Forward to the New Chip Cycle during the opening of the 2023 Design Automation Conference, collocated in July with SEMICON West in San Francisco.

Driving Smart City, Transportation and Global Communications Innovations Through Electromagnetic Simulation

System level electromagnetic (EM) simulation is becoming increasingly important in supporting the design of smart cities, next-generation transportation and global communications systems. CEMWorks' develops tools for electromagnetic field simulation that overcomes limitations in today’s solvers.

Driving Smart City, Transportation and Communications Innovations Through Electromagnetic Simulation

System level electromagnetic (EM) simulation is becoming an increasingly important technology needed to support the design of next-generation smart cities and transportation as well as global communications systems. CEMWorks is on the cutting edge of EM in-house simulation research.

It Will Take a Village to Solve Multiphysics

As an industry, we must collaborate because it’s going to take a village to solve Multiphysics, which in turn is the key to growth in 3D IC. No individual company can compete on every front.

Applying AI in Fab Technology Co-Optimization

Babak A. Taheri, Ph.D., the CEO of Silvaco, about the challenges of tuning and optimizing semiconductor manufacturing processes and how AI might be applied to reduce time and costs. Silvaco is a member of the ESD Alliance, a SEMI Technology Community.