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Making Sustainability a Leadership Imperative in the Semiconductor Industry

Along with two experts on sustainability from Mercuri Urval, I have drafted a quick-read White Paper on finding Sustainability Initiative leaders. Below are a few highlights from the white paper with the entire paper available on our Sustainability Initiative website.

Unlocking AI in Highly Demanding Chip Manufacturing Environments

Despite its great promise to help streamline semiconductor manufacturing, AI has largely failed to deliver on its potential despite significant investments in data infrastructure and talent. Understanding the reasons behind this failure is a critical step towards unlocking AI and associated ROI.

Supply Chain Collaboration Key to Making Chip Industry More Sustainable: Takeaways From SEMICON Europa 2022

Coming in the wake of the COP27, the Smart and Green Manufacturing Summit at SEMICON Europa 2022 (Munich, 15-17 November) had a timely focus on the semiconductor industry’s contribution to meeting the United Nations’ target of limiting global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

When M&As and Venture Capital Become Key to Corporate Growth: Takeaways from SEMI Taiwan Executive Luncheon

With the emergence of consolidation as a potent engine of semiconductor industry growth, global mergers and acquisitions are sweeping the industry as companies look to accelerate advances across segments including data centers, AI, IoT and automotive chips.

Semiconductor Manufacturing in the Industry 4.0 Era – An AI Use Case

AI can potentially deliver the semiconductor industry operational gains of $85-$95 billion annually in earnings before interest by 2025. In reality, roughly 90% of this figure remains theoretical.

What Do Small Companies Need to Know About the CHIPS Act?

Companies of all sizes—not just industry juggernauts—are vital to the long-term health and well-being of that ecosystem. We hope you’ll stake your claim when the time comes. We all stand to benefit if you do.

Samsung Semiconductor Plants Seeds for Sustainable Future

SEMI spoke with Claire HyunJung Seo, Corporate Vice President in the Device Solutions (DS) Corporate Sustainability Management Office at Samsung Electronics ahead of her keynote at the SEMI Smart and Green Manufacturing Summit held last week during SEMICON Europa 2022.

Sweeping AI and Cybersecurity Laws Risk Disruptions to European Union Businesses

The SEMI European Machinery Directive Working Group, which consists of volunteers from SEMI member companies, is compiling member feedback on the Cyber Resilience Act legislation to ensure that the industry’s perspective is understood by EU legislators.

State of Maine PFAS Reporting Law – Process to Request 6-Month Deadline Extension

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection is authorized to extend the notification deadline by six months if it determines manufacturers need more time to comply. Companies can request to be added to the Maine Department of Commerce's letter requesting the extension.

How Veterans Complete and Elevate the Diverse, High-Impact EMD Electronics Workforce

EMD Electronics is committed to meeting veterans where they are, and we support their transition from military life to civilian and professional life, providing a sense of community and leveraging their existing skills while helping them build new ones.