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Griffin Securities’ Jay Vleeschhouwer Offers Wall Street View of EDA Industry

Jay Vleeschhouwer, managing director of Griffin Securities, has followed the EDA industry as a leading financial analyst for 25 years and is a popular speaker at the annual Design Automation Conference. Vleeschhouwer discusses his DAC presentation The State of EDA: A View from Wall Street.

Needham & Company Senior Analyst Charles Shi on EDA Powering Through Semiconductor Industry Cycles

Charles Shi, Principal, Senior Analyst, Needham & Company, LLC., recently offered an upbeat assessment of the electronic design automation (EDA), silicon intellectual property (IP) and services industries, or what SEMI refers to as the electronic system design (ESD) ecosystem.

ESD Alliance Combats Piracy

ESD Alliance’s License Management and Anti-Piracy (LMA) Committee has worked with member companies Cadence, Siemens EDA and Synopsys to develop a protocol for use with software license management systems to provide strong protection against piracy by defining how servers can be uniquely identified.

How Synopsys is Transforming the Chip Development Landscape Via the Cloud

Vikram Bhatia, Director of the Synopsys Cloud Go-to-Market and Product Strategy, discusses leveraging a flexible, pay-per-use approach to fuel the next phase of semiconductor innovation - bring your own cloud (BYOC) and software as a service (SaaS) deployment model.

Open Source EDA, IP, Cloud-Based Design, Extending Moore’s Law: Pedestal Research’s Laurie Balch Talks Chip Design Trends

As a leading analyst covering the electronic system design segment, Laurie Balch is well steeped in identifying and analyzing technology trends and forecasting new market opportunities. Laurie is now President and Research Director at Pedestal Research.

From Fledgling Business to the Core of Chips: CAST Bears Witness to Silicon IP Market Maturation

In the early 1990s, engineers of varying degrees of skill with a powerful PC set up shop designing and selling blocks or libraries of reusable components with a defined interface and behavior. These blocks, known as intellectual property, or IP, were then (and still are) integrated into a larger...

Homegrown EDA Tools, Open Source, Starting an EDA Company: Verific on Chip Design Trends

Alameda, Calif.-based Verific Design Automation, a member of the ESD Alliance, made its name in the electronic system design and semiconductor industry supporting companies ranging from startups to billion-dollar industry leaders such as Synopsys, Cadence, Siemens EDA, Xilinx, Microchip, NVidia,...

SEMICON West a Magnet for Visionaries

AI vs. energy. Quantum for everyone. Biofabrication of human organs on a mass scale. Slowing advancements from Moore’s law.In the midst of a market dip, optimism reigned as keynote and AI Design Forum speakers addressed both looming challenges and explosive market opportunities during July 9-10...

The Importance of a Well-Coordinated Semiconductor Supply Chain

Would you buy your next hotdog in parts, from un-coordinated suppliers? For example: Get the bun from a baker, the sausage from a butcher, mustard and/or ketchup and veggies from the nearest supermarket?  If yes, you may find the sausage being too small, the veggies too big for the bun, and, when...

Smart Cars Race into Next Wave of Killer Applications

Smart car technology is on the fast track. According to a forecast by the Consumer Technology Association, revenue for North American technology will reach $398 billion in 2019, with sales of emerging technologies related to automotive electronics alone expected to hit $17 billion, a 9 percent...