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Supply Chain Resilience and Agility – Two Critical Sides of the Same Coin

The SEMI white paper A Vision for Electronics Supply Chain Management examines the vital importance of the electronics supply chain, current supply chain challenges, and the criticality of transparency, collaboration, and information sharing to mitigate disruptions.

Griffin Securities’ Jay Vleeschhouwer Offers Wall Street View of EDA Industry

Jay Vleeschhouwer, managing director of Griffin Securities, has followed the EDA industry as a leading financial analyst for 25 years and is a popular speaker at the annual Design Automation Conference. Vleeschhouwer discusses his DAC presentation The State of EDA: A View from Wall Street.

Internships: EMD Electronics Invests in Next-Generation Chip Industry Workforce

EMD Electronics welcomes dozens of interns into its various business functions nationwide every year. Students from under-graduate and postgraduate programs gain valuable experience in a global science and technology company connecting with colleagues across the world from day one.

Collaborating to Tackle Chip Industry Retention, Inclusion and Workforce Shortage Challenges

29 new fabs will break ground globally between now and 2022. But who will staff them? With 34,000 current vacancies in the semiconductors industry worldwide, companies large and small are already competing for the same talent pool.

Optimizing Semiconductor Fab Workforces to Keep Pace with Evolving Technologies

SEMI spoke with Andreas C. Zimmer, Executive Search and Selection Consultant at ZIAN & Co industrial consulting and recruitment, about strategies for attracting and retaining talent and promoting careers in semiconductor industry. Zimmer shared his views ahead of his presentation at the SEMI...

SEMI SMC 2019: Rising to the Chip Challenges of a Connected World

The semiconductor industry is in the final throes of its most recent cyclical downturn, but clear demand drivers on the horizon, such as 5G and autonomous driving, have created a decidedly upbeat mood at SEMI’s Strategic Materials Conference, held this week in San Jose, California. Increased...

Industry Giants TSMC and Intel Vow to Focus on 3D IC Packaging

Post-Conference Report: SEMI Heterogeneous Integration SummitDemand for high-performance computing (HPC) chips is exploding. These super-speedy chips are critical for data centers and cloud computing infrastructures to support new performance-hungry technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI)...

Establishing SEMI Cybersecurity Standards Key to Smart Manufacturing Advances

The automation of semiconductor factories through digitization is reshaping Smart Manufacturing to streamline the connectivity and orchestration of manufacturing processes across the entire supply chain.  But the threat of cyberattacks and viruses looms. An estimated 26 billion smart and connected...

Advanced Testing Paradigm Shifting in Era of Heterogeneous Integration

New SEMI Taiwan Testing Committee to strengthen the last line of defense to ensure the reliability of advanced semiconductor applications.Mobile, high-performance computing (HPC), automotive, and IoT – the four future growth drivers of semiconductor industry, plus the additional boost from...