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Changing the Narrative In Your Workplace with Diversity & Inclusion

Attracting, developing and retaining talent are some of the greatest challenges facing the technology industries today, and this is especially true in the microelectronics industry, where the talent gap is widely acknowledged to be growing. Studies have clearly shown that supporting a diverse and inclusive workforce can achieve increases in innovation, profitability, valuations, thought diversity, and employee morale. One such study is the annual 'Women in the Workplace' survey by McKinsey & Co. and By participating, companies can lay the foundation for a more flexible and equitable workplace in the long-term. The webinar 'A Diverse and Inclusive Tech Workforce' highlighted the 2021 survey results as well as what companies are doing to create a more equitable and inclusive work environment.

Research shows clear imbalances in the workplace and describes common barriers that make it difficult to reach leadership positions for women, black, indigenous and people of color. These barriers often stem from unconscious bias and a lack of formal support.

There is no single person or company that can take on the lack of diversity in our industry alone. But each passionate person can inspire others and their organizations to commit to diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

There is no one size fits all approach to diversity, equity and inclusion in our industry. While that can make things challenging, it also makes things exciting. Companies must be sure to think broadly and be open to a variety of possibilities, especially in the screening and interview processes which impact hiring and leadership. SEMI challenges everyone to start changing the narrative. 

Things that you can do right now — this moment, tomorrow, and this week.

  • Know your data and use it to make change
  • Encourage your company to review and participate in the 'Women in the Workplace' study
  • Watch the Webinar on the SEMI DEI Roadmap & Toolkit
  • Be a change agent within your company by becoming a mentor, a sponsor, an ally
  • Use our Event Guidelines when creating any event within your organization - from staff meetings to conferences
  • Have the crucial conversations that are necessary for change
  • Begin the work of being more intentional and conscious of others
  • Sign up to be a SEMI Mentor and foster the next generation of innovators
  • Find more opportunities for diversity such as your supply chain
  • Make your company more Veteran-friendly. Check out the SEMI VetWorks Guide on how to engage with military veterans
  • Nominate someone for the Excellence in Achievement Award to establish pathways and heroes for girls and boys looking for role models
  • Connect with your peers at SEMI events and programs such as the Women in Semiconductors

We hope you will join us as we tackle this opportunity together!


A study by Deloitte identifies the advantages to companies which focus on bringing on talented leaders and keeping them.


The Excellence Achievement Award recognizes and celebrates individuals who have made significant contributions to the global microelectronics industry and to society in the area of workforce development and diversity, equity and inclusion. The Award honors individuals who show outstanding leadership in the industry and in their community, and individuals who successfully promote creative ways to improve the industry's diversity and build lasting value in the industry and their community.

Manufacturing Ownership Diversity Program

Manufacturing Ownership Diversity Program
Led by SEMI members Applied Materials, Lam Research, TEL, and Intel, the Manufacturing Ownership Diversity (MOD) program works to increase the available diverse suppliers within the electronics industry. The group works to develop common best practices to define and promote the benefits of supplier diversity within the industry.

MOD supports public panels at SEMICONs and holds regular meetings. The group is open to all SEMI Members. Learn More