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Join us accelerating innovation in your own business and around the globe as a SEMI member. SEMI provides the building blocks that enable technology innovators to amplify their ideas, facilitate collaboration, and transform our world for the better. We invite you to apply for membership below.

Contact SEMI Europe:

Angela Feind | | +49 30 30 30 80 77 16

Member Benefits

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SEMI membership opens the door to new connections that grow your business – like exclusive members-only content, valuable marketing opportunities, specialized mentoring programs, and significant discounts on industry research.

  • Access to a global network of member companies and SEMI staff
  • Participation in technology communities, committees, working groups, and networking events
  • Discounts averaging 25-30% on all SEMI products and services, including exhibits, conference registration, market reports, and standards
  • The ability to drive critical industry issues like workforce development and accelerate innovation for better business results
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