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As a service to SEMICON® exhibitors, SEMI® provides media accreditation to members of the working press. Accreditation is granted at the discretion of SEMI and provides access to the exposition and working press room solely for the purposes of reporting on the semiconductor equipment and materials industry, industry news events, new products, business development, and other news associated with SEMI expositions. Due to the number of requests received for press passes, media accreditation is limited to those acting in an editorial capacity for relevant publications or news organizations.

Publishers/associate publishers, sales, advertising, public relations, marketing, market research, technical support staff, consultants and exhibiting company personnel are not eligible for press credentials.

SEMI requires proof of applicant’s professional status. Please see below for press accreditation requirements. Applications will be processed only upon receipt of all requested documentation.

If you require further assistance, contact Michael Hall at SEMI Global Headquarters at 1.408.943.7988 or via e-mail at

  • Trade Publications: Reporters from industry trade publications must provide both a business card with an editorial title and a current masthead that includes their name.
  • Business Publications: Reporters from magazines and newspapers must provide both a business card with an editorial title and a current masthead that includes their name.
  • Association Publications: Reporters from internationally recognized magazines/newspapers/newsletters produced by industry associations must provide both a business card with an editorial title and a current masthead that includes their name.
  • TV-Radio: Broadcast reporters and producers from news organizations must provide an editorial business card. Camera/sound crews must provide broadcast station ID.
  • Freelance Writers/Authors: Persons requesting freelance credentials must provide an original letter of assignment and two bylined articles published within the last six months. Those who freelance occasionally and are employed by non-news organizations are not eligible for media credentials. Authors must be under current contract and provide an original letter from their publisher.
  • Internet-based Publications: Editors from “online”, internet-based, newsletter or solicited-article publications are admitted at the discretion of SEMI and must provide proof of a direct editorial coverage of the semiconductor equipment or materials industry or related technology to be considered for eligibility.

Persons issued press credentials are prohibited from advertising/sales while at SEMICON and SEMI expositions. Press credentials will be revoked for anyone engaged in sales or solicitation activities.