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Exploring how our Market Data products can help you make critical business decisions with confidence. Data is the new oil, and SEMI’s market research reports offer leading forecast-accuracy to help fuel our members’ success.


Market Sectors

SEMI collects worldwide data directly from equipment and materials suppliers, and device manufacturers following strict professional standards of confidentiality.

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Fab Forecast

SEMI provides unparalleled insights into more than 1,100 fabs worldwide including fab capacity ramp, equipping schedules, technologies/products, and investment forecasts.

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SEMI is the industry-recognized benchmark source for monthly semiconductor equipment market data and bi-annual equipment forecasts.

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SEMI market research covers wafer fab and packaging materials through SEMI’s Data Collection Programs and with industry partners.

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SEMI tracks worldwide OSAT facilities detailing facility specific packaging technologies and capabilities. SEMI also offers comprehensive packaging and packaging materials market forecast reports.

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Electronic Design

SEMI market data includes electronic design ecosystem revenue and headcount data trends from EDA, Semiconductor IP and Service providers.

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SEMI provides insights on semiconductor components, including mass flow controllers.

Participate in Data Collection Program

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Help identify, monitor and understand specific market segment of the global electronics manufacturing supply chain through the collection and distribution of accurate, timely, and pre-competitive market data.

SEMI's Data Collection Program promotes understanding of the industry through collection and distribution of accurate, timely, and specific market data on industry sales, order input, and other trends and provides program participants a basis for identifying industry trends and monitoring their own performance within the industry as a whole as well as within specific product segments.

SEMI currently has eight data collection programs, covering: silicon, polysilicon, leadframes, electronic gases, photoresist/photoresist ancillaries, mass flow controllers, equipment, and electronic system design-related software revenues. Learn more about each here.

  • Determine which program your company would like to join.
  • Contact SEMI Industry Research & Statistics to express your desire to join.
  • SEMI will send you the program's policies and procedures document.
  • Review the policies and procedures, including the definitions to determine what categories your company will report.
  • Identify the data contact and report contacts within your organization.
  • SEMI analyst will follow-up with company contacts.

Programs are always being expanded. If you do not see your segment listed, please email

SEMI is the only organization that is able to collect actual data from semiconductor equipment, components and materials suppliers around the world with regular frequency. Strict professional standards of confidentiality ensure all of the participants’ data is kept secure.

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Market Reports

Market research reports are a vital tool to help guide your corporation in making important investment and strategic decisions. SEMI offers market data and research reports covering semiconductor and HB-LED capital equipment, semiconductor materials, semiconductor packaging materials, and semiconductor and HB-LED fabs.

“SEMI’s market data program is one of the cornerstones to SEMI’s value proposition. By collecting, analyzing, and publishing the data that every SEMI member is interested in and contributed into, SEMI market data is the most accurate and authoritative data set to understand the reality and forecast the future trend of the whole semiconductor supply chain. Some of the iconic indexes such as Wafer Fab Equipment Spending (WFE), book-to-bill ratio, MSI Silicon shipments are the barometers our semiconductor industry that have been widely used by the whole semiconductor supply chain as well as industrial, economic, and financial analysts. In recent years, SEMI continues to expand its market data program with focus on areas such as China market, new materials and devices, and heterogeneous integration to provide more updated market insights into the industry.”
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Wenge Yang
Vice President, Marketing

SEMI Market Data Frequently Asked Questions

market data

General Questions

Unfortunately, SEMI does not provide market share information due to customer NDAs and data collection report methodology.

Yes, the typical savings is between 30 - 40% per report. Depending on where your company fits within the supply chain, this savings can pay for your annual SEMI membership.

By downloading SEMI Market Intelligence Team Market Reports, you agree to the terms of the Web Download Use license agreement.

Downloaded Market Research and Market Reports may not be copied, sold, leased, assigned, loaned, transferred, shared through an internal computer network or otherwise transferred or distributed.

A one-time purchase is defined as one (1) copy for one (1) user.

A Multi-user is more than one user.

A Corporate License allows anyone within the licensed organization to access the file.

If you are interested in copying and pasting from Market Research and Market Reports into purchase orders, manuals, presentations, etc., or copyright release permission on information provided in the SEMI Market Research and Market Report,

You may produce derivative works of the Files, provided that any such derivative works may only be used for your internal business purposes. If you want to publish such derivative works for external consumption, you must first contact SEMI for permission. SEMI will approve or deny such requests on a case-by-case basis in its sole and absolute discretion.  Without limiting the foregoing, such derivative works shall:

  • Not identify any specific company or fab data; and
  • Include the name of the report and publication date (Source: SEMI World Fab Forecast, Q4’21)  

For additional questions, please reach out to David Ghodsizadeh at


Yes, as long as you source data as coming from SEMI (e.g. SEMI World Fab Forecast, May 2019).

market data

About SEMI Market Intelligence Team

SEMI offers MORE on market trends and inflections to help members make the most informed business decisions. Our rich collection of MORE Data and Databases, Reports, Statistics, Webinars, and White Papers are insightful guideposts for the electronics design and manufacturing supply chain.

Data is the new currency of the digital age. SEMI filters it all through our own expert analysts, detailed surveys, and knowledge partnerships to enrich members with MORE invaluable intelligence on fabs, equipment, materials and packaging.

From insights on broad economic trends to data-rich research on the latest technical issues, SEMI Market Data is the premier resource for financial experts worldwide. SEMI Market Data helps your business reach its full potential by facilitating strategic decisions, strengthening your research, providing competitive insights, and helping you fine-tune sales forecasts. Learn more.