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Real Time Access

Principal Analysts:

Christian Gregor Dieseldorff, SEMI
Chih-Wen Liu, SEMI

SEMI FabView is a new 24/7 online platform with content derived from the SEMI Fab database. It offers the summary as well as detailed information about fabs from a laptop or mobile device. It is essentially an online version of the Excel-based fab database that is updated with greater frequency with a user-friendly interface. Fab data include region, start of construction, operation, construction, and equipment spending, capacity, wafer sizes, product types, geometries, etc.


**Multi-user and Enterprise licenses must be purchased when more than 1 user accesses SEMI reports/databases**


Product Information


  • Data download to Microsoft Excel
  • Change notifications to the subscribers
  • Online access to the most current, validated, and verified fab data
  • Three years of data with forecast through next year
  • Annual summaries of equipment spending, construction spending, and capacity
  • Searchable by fab device manufacturer, region, wafer size
  • Fab-specific details include fab type, start year, equipment spending, capacity ramp, close year, fab comment and change made


  • Fast and easy look-up to help you stay on top of: 
    • latest technology trends
    • capacity and spending plans of leading device makers and foundries
    • on-going 200mm and 300mm transitions
    • latest expansion plans and fabs closures and transactions
  • Rich and timely content with verified and validated data for investment and business planning 


Short Introduction to Fab View

The information for the fab reports and forecasts is compiled from various sources in the industry including publicly available information such as capital spending plans, fab plans, ramp schedules, and technology roadmaps.

Source data are verified across an extensive network of industry contacts. These data are used in modeling for each company and facility, incorporating various economic indicators and best educated estimates.

The report uses a bottom-up approach, tracking projects per cleanroom facility but uses also a top down analysis by company, region, and industry segment.

Content details include capital expenditure for construction and equipment, capacities, technologies used, product types, and wafer sizes.


Product Member Non-Member  
FabView - 1 user, Subscription $4,750 $7,000 Buy Now
World Fab Forecast Premium with FabView - 1 user, Subscription $9,000 $13,000 Buy Now

To purchase multiple user licenses at a discount, please contact