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Committee Information

SEMI Standards committee structure

Description of each SEMI Standards technical committees. 

A listing of recently approved task forces and committees using the TFOF and SNARF forms.

The SEMI Standards process relies on experienced members and an established set of global committees and task forces to ensure SEMI Standards and topics are considered tools for the industry.  For a detailed structure, download the presentation.

All current SEMI Draft Documents and their status can be found here.

These are quick summaries of the most recent committee meetings and are made available within two weeks of the date of the meeting.

Minutes for each regional technical committee meeting are posted here.

Letter, Informational and recently-approved ballots are listed here.

Active TFOF (Task Force Organization Form) contains the charter and scope for each task force, and SNARF (Standards New Activity Report Form) provides details for each activity are listed here.

SEMI Standards committee structure

Authoring Tools

Compilation of Terms

Updated 1023
The SEMI International Standards Compilation of Terms contains all abbreviations, acronyms, definitions, and symbols published within SEMI Standards and Safety Guidelines.

Style Manual

Version 9
The Style Manual establishes the format and style for all SEMI Standards and Safety Guidelines.

Publication Improvement Proposal (PIP) Form

The PIP form is available to suggest editorial changes (referred to as Type 1) to a published Standard or Safety Guideline. Refer to Regs 8.9.5 for definition of type 1.

Publication Change Request (PCR) Form

The PCR form is available to suggest nontechnical changes (referred to as Type 2) to a published Standard or Safety Guideline. Refer to Regs 8.9.5 for definition of type 2.


The SEMI Standards Regulations provides the objective and operating policies for the program.

Procedure Manual

The SEMI Standards Procedure Manual details the processes and practices of the program.

Copyright Policy and License Agreement

Official SEMI Standards documentation

IP Guidance for SEMI Standards

Guidance for standards that may involve patentable technology

A&R Forms

Document Templates

Presentation Template


Standards Meeting

Connect@SEMI is the secure online, interactive platform for Committee and Task Force Communities to communicate and manage their activities.

Detailed instructions on how to log in and post discussion in a PDF document. 

Detailed instructions on how to add member, upload minutes, and other tasks in Connect@SEMI.

Standards Meeting