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SEMI Standards activities are open to all interested parties, but you must be a registered SEMI Standards Program Member to participate in SEMI Standards meetings. There are no fees required to participate in the SEMI International Standards Program. SEMI underwrites the costs of administering the program as a service to the industry. Please note that SEMI Standards Program Membership is independent of any other SEMI membership.

SEMI Standards Program Membership (required for meeting participation)
As a registered Program Member, you will:

  • be able to participate in SEMI Standards meetings,
  • be able to vote on SEMI Standards ballots,
  • receive general information about the SEMI International Standards Program.

SEMI Standards Technical Committee Membership (Optional)
Technical Committee (TC) Membership is a subset of Program Membership. By registering as a member of a technical committee, you will:

  • receive notification of letter ballots issued by the global committee available for voting,
  • receive notification of upcoming global technical committee meetings in your region,
  • receive notice of the issuance of technical committee meeting minutes worldwide,
  • be eligible to serve in leadership positions as defined in the Regulations.

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Please contact SEMI staff if you have any questions or concerns.