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Workforce Development

China IC Ecosystem Report, 2019 Edition

A comprehensive research report covers the in-depth analysis of China's wide-ranging IC manufacturing ecosystem within the global semiconductor industry.

Industry Leaders


Presentations covering recent China activities.

Public Policy


Associations and organizations that follow and report on activities in China

Recent News

Chinese chip trade group opposes export controls from U.S., Netherlands, Japan (Reuters; Feb 15, 2023)

Samsung, SK Hynix aggressively lobbying for waiver from US chip rules on China (DigiTimes Asia; Feb 14, 2023)

Tsinghua Unigroup rumored to take over GlobalFoundries' wafer fab in Chengdu, China (DigiTimes Asia; Feb 14, 2023)

Arm China lays off staff amid chip war and licensing concerns (The Register; Feb 13, 2023)

US chip packaging firm Amkor closes its Shanghai plant for a week amid global market downturn (South China Morning Post; Feb 10, 2023)

Tech war: US-India tech deal could speed up global supply chain realignment, hurting China (South China Morning Post; Feb 7, 2023)

Why Chinese AI and semiconductors could fall decades behind under US chip ban ‘blitz’ (South China Morning Post; Feb 5, 2023)

China walks US chip sanctions through backdoors, buys used banned devices (Tech Today News; Feb 3, 2023)

U.S. Ban on Huawei Seen Widening China Chip War (EE Times; Feb 3, 2023)

EU looks to US with goal of depriving China of most advanced technologies (The Irish Times; Feb 2, 2023)

South Korea chip sales to China almost halve in January under US pressure (Global Times; Feb 2, 2023)

US investors have plowed billions into China's AI sector, report shows (Channel News Asia; Feb 2, 2023)

China urged to ensure ‘predictable’ policies as regional economic engines unveil pro-investment measures to kick-start economy (South China Morning Post; Jan 31, 2023)

China 'seriously concerned' about report US has halted approvals of exports to Huawei (Channel News Asia; Jan 31, 2023)

China lobbies Dutch to defend trade after chip curbs (The Post Star; Jan 31, 2023)

Dutch, Japanese join US limits on chip tech to China (Associated Press; Jan 30, 2023)

Top Chinese memory chip maker YMTC said to be laying off 10 per cent of workforce after US sanctions (South China Morning Post; Jan 30, 2023)

China accuses Washington of abusing export controls (Associated Press; Jan 30, 2023)

US chip ban to spur China's tech breakthroughs: experts (Global Times; Jan 29, 2023)

Sanctions move China to replace chips supply chain (Asia Times; Jan 27, 2023)

China sure to hit back over chip controls, Japan lawmaker says (Bloomberg; Jan 27, 2023)

ASML Says Chip Controls Will Push China to Create Own Technology (Yahoo Finance; Jan 25, 2023)

US-China tech war: Japan, Netherlands poised to join Biden’s chip crackdown on Beijing (South China Morning Post; Jan 23, 2023)

Dutch defence ministry advised against ASML exports to China in 2020 (NewsBreak; Jan 20, 2023)

US Poised For Dutch, Japanese Help on China Chip Crackdown (Bloomberg; Jan 19, 2023)

US keeps chipping away at Dutch resistance on China (New York Folk, Jan 19, 2023)

Biden, Kishida held 'very productive' talks on China export controls (ChannelNewsAsia; Jan 18, 2023)

Davos latest: Chinese recovery prompts mix of optimism, caution (The Business Standard; Jan 18, 2023)

Dutch tech industry urges EU to take a stand on China chip exports (Reuters; Jan 17, 2023)

The greatest challenge facing China’s chip drive? It’s neither funding nor talent, but resource allocation (South China Morning Post; Jan 16, 2023)

China’s chip imports plunge in 2022 amid zero-Covid supply chain disruption and US trade restrictions on the sector (South China Morning Post; Jan 13, 2023)

Tech war: China’s Jiangsu province offers US$74 million a year to bolster vital semiconductor industry to counter US sanctions blow (South China Morning Post; Jan 12, 2023)

Shanghai targets 5.5 per cent consumption-led GDP growth for 2023 as it looks to recover ground lost to Covid lockdown (South China Morning Post; Jan 11, 2023)

India, Vietnam to gain from supply chain shifts away from China in 2023, survey finds (South China Morning Post; Jan 10, 2023)

US pressures Asian allies to join crusade against Chinese chipmakers (The Register; Jan 9, 2023)

Japan Bets Big on Bringing Semiconductor Manufacturing Home (Foreign Policy; Jan 9 2023)

Revealed: Cambridge chip startup Flusso acquired by Chinese firm (UK Tech News; Jan 6, 2023)

Tech war: Taipei requests to join hearing over Beijing’s complaint against US chip controls at World Trade Organization (South China Morning Post; Jan 6, 2023)

China’s giant chip ambitions fall prey to Covid turmoil (ET Auto; Jan 6, 2023)

US computer giant Dell to replace all China-made chips in its products by 2024 amid tensions between Beijing and Washington (South China Morning Post; Jan 5, 2023)

US-China partnership in key IT equipment joint venture draws to end after two decades, as Hewlett Packard walks away (South China Morning Post; Jan 4, 2023)

China ramps down semiconductor chip war with US (Washington Examiner; Jan 4, 2023)

U.S. Sanctions Are A Catalyst For China's New Semiconductor Fab Expansion (Seeking Alpha; Jan 3, 2023)

Tech war: China to revamp chip strategy under US pressure, but US$143 billion support package is not on the cards (South China Morning Post; Dec 30, 2022)

China Launches WTO Dispute Over US Chip Export Controls (Voice of America; Jan 30, 2022)

Why Europe Struggles With US Export Controls on China (The Diplomat; Dec 27, 2022)

US puts 3 dozen more Chinese companies on trade blacklist (Associated Press; Dec 16, 2022)

Tech war: Washington takes another swipe at China’s tech ambitions by adding key chip and AI firms to trade blacklist (South China Morning Post; Dec 16, 2022)

China's massive older chip tech build up raises US concern (Channel News Asia; Dec 14, 2022)

Exclusive: China readying $143 billion package for its chip firms in face of U.S. curbs (Reuters; Dec 13, 2022)

China brings WTO case against U.S. and its sweeping chip export curbs as tech tensions escalate (CNBC; Dec 13, 2022)

India and Vietnam could benefit as chipmakers shift away from China (CNBC; Dec 12, 2022)

Japan, Netherlands to join U.S. in China chip curbs - Bloomberg News (Reuters; Dec 12, 2022)

China Tries to Push Back on US Chip Sanctions With WTO Case (Bloomberg News; Dec 12, 2022)

Tech war: China’s embattled semiconductor sector sees first signs of relief from US sanctions (South China Morning Post; Dec 7, 2022)

China’s chip imports record steepest drop this year amid manufacturing disruptions, tech war with US, economic headwinds (South China Morning Post; Dec 7, 2022)

Taiwanese Chip Giant Builds a Hedge Against China (The New York Times; Dec 6, 2022)

Semiconductor opportunities moving to India from China, Taiwan: Intel exec (Silicon India; Dec 6, 2022)

A globally critical chip firm is driving a wedge between the U.S. and Netherlands over China tech policy (CNBC; Dec 4, 2022)

Taiwan’s lead in advanced chips will speed up computers, phones while turning heads in China (South China Morning Post; Dec 3, 2022)

Tech war: fresh funding pipeline enables China’s sanctions-hit semiconductor industry to cope with latest US trade restrictions (South China Morning Post; Nov 27, 2022)

US tech curbs are making China pull its talent back home, push for self-reliance (The Print; Nov 25, 2022)

Tech war: US, Taiwan, Japan gallop ahead in advanced semiconductors while China remains stuck at mature-node chips (South China Morning Post; Nov 22, 2022)

U.S. export restrictions of powerful chips to China hurt now, but should prove bullish long term (CNBC; Nov 21, 2022)

East Asia chipmakers see high-tech decoupling with China inevitable (Kyodo News; Nov 20, 2022)

How the U.S.-Chinese Technology War Is Changing the World (Foreign Policy; Nov 19, 2022)

Tech war: China’s chip talent pool will lag far behind the 789,000 people needed by 2024, report says (South China Morning Post; Nov 18, 2022)

China’s semiconductor output posts biggest ever monthly decline in October amid weak demand, fresh US tech export controls (South China Morning Post; Nov 15, 2022)

South Korea caught in the middle of US-China chip war, but American export control requests unlikely (South China Morning Post; Nov 14, 2022)

China’s chip executives brace for winter as US sanctions push country’s semiconductor industry to the brink of desperation (South China Morning Post; Nov 12, 2022)

China’s top chip maker SMIC warns on negative impact from US export controls after posting flat third-quarter revenue (South China Morning Post; Nov 10, 2022)

China Top Chipmaker Misses Earnings Estimates as Sanctions Bite (Yahoo! Finance; Nov 10, 2022)

Germany blocks Chinese-owned firm's chip factory deal (Associated Press; Nov 9, 2022)

China conflicts prompt chip manufacturing battles in Europe (The Register; Nov 8, 2022)

Tech war: China to host world forum on semiconductors in the shadow of Covid-19 controls, latest US hi-tech export restrictions (South China Morning Post; Nov 8, 2022)

Germany likely to block Chinese takeover of Elmos' chip production (Channel News Asia; Nov 8, 2022)

Taiwan’s exports to Chinese mainland, Hong Kong fall 9.2 per cent in October amid weak demand (South China Morning Post; Nov 8, 2022)

Exclusive: Nvidia offers new advanced chip for China that meets U.S. export controls (Reuters; Nov 7, 2022)

US to Japan: We'll help you make chips. Now about that China ban... (The Register; Nov 7, 2022)

China’s second-largest chipmaker poised for $2.5 billion IPO in Shanghai (Reuters; Nov 6, 2022)

Biden’s hugely consequential high-tech export ban on China, explained by an expert (Vox; Nov 5, 2022)

US Chip-Gear Makers Told to Wait for Relief From China Curbs (Yahoo!; Nov 4, 2022)

US curbs on microchips could throttle China’s ambitions and escalate the tech war (CNN; Oct 31, 2022)

U.S. business sentiment in China hits record low as zero-COVID persists – survey (Hellenic Shipping News; Oct 31, 2022)

Tesla and Swiss chip company Annex set up a joint venture in Jinan of eastern China's Shandong Province to provide automotive chips and solutions (; Oct 31, 2022)

US Ban on Americans Aiding China Chip Firms Narrower Than Feared (Bloomberg; Oct 31, 2022)

ASMI expects Chinese sales to drop 40% on US chip sanctions (Gadgets Now; Oct 26, 2022)

South Korean chipmaker SK Hynix worries about China future (Associated Press; Oct 26, 2022)

Taiwan needs to diversify away from China: minister (Taipei Times; Oct 25, 2022)

China chip imports drop 12.4% year-on-year in September - govt data (Reuters; Oct 24, 2022)

Yangtze Memory Technologies forces US employees to leave – Fudzilla (OltNews; Oct 24, 2022)

Report: TSMC stops work on Chinese AI chip amid sanctions confusion (eeNews Analog; Oct 24, 2022)

Not all foreign companies in China want to leave, some are doubling down on investments (South China Morning Post; Oct 21, 2022)

China summons chip firms for emergency talks after US curbs (Pehal News; Oct 21, 2022)

Tech war: Chinese local governments ramp up chip industry support as US piles on export restrictions (South China Morning Post; Oct 18, 2022)

Apple forced to cancel plans to buy memory chips from China after Biden’s crackdown (MSN; Oct 17, 2022)

China’s top memory chip maker woos local graduates for design jobs as US tightens export controls (South China Morning Post; Oct 15, 2022)

American techies in China may be breaking the law by showing up to work (The Register; Oct 14, 2022)

China's Top Chip Toolmaker Directs U.S. Engineers to Suspend Work (Tom's Hardware; Oct 13, 2022)

Xi wanted China to be at the tech frontier. 5 years on, tensions with the U.S. have dented that goal (CNBC; Oct 13, 2022)

TSMC gets one-year equipment waiver for mainland China chip plant, easing the blow from new US restrictions (South China Morning Post; Oct 13, 2022)

Tech war: US trade watch list throws 31 Chinese semiconductor-related entities into uncertainty as harsher sanctions loom (South China Morning Post; Oct 11, 2022)

US citizens at Chinese chip firms caught in the middle of tech war after new export restrictions (South China Morning Post; Oct 11, 2022)

China semiconductor production experienced its largest-ever decline in August (Reporter Wings; Oct 11, 2022)

Tech war: China’s chip self-sufficiency drive under siege as new US export controls tighten access to advanced semiconductors (South China Morning Post; Oct 10, 2022)

Shenzhen plans to shower cash on local chip industry to bolster development after intensified US trade restrictions (South China Morning Post; Oct 10, 2022)

Semiconductor equipment maker ASML "assessing" impact of new US China rules (Reuters; Oct 10, 2022)

Biden administration imposes limits on semiconductor exports to China (Axios; Oct 7, 2022)

Joe Biden says US$20 billion IBM investment will boost US in tech competition with China (South China Morning Post; Oct 6, 2022)

Exclusive-Samsung, SK Hynix to be spared brunt of China memory chip crackdown -sources (The Gazette; Oct 6, 2022)

Taiwan pledges to keep advanced chips from Chinese military (Stars and Stripes; Oct 5, 2022)

Apple adds six Chinese suppliers, but cuts seven mainland contractors in gradual move to diversify its manufacturing network (South China Morning Post; Oct 4, 2022)

US to Announce New Limits on Chip Technology Exports to China (Bloomberg; Oct 3, 2022)

CEO of Chinese chipmaker Yangtze Memory steps down (Nikkei Asia; Oct 3, 2022)

China’s top memory chip maker YMTC replaces CEO amid risks of US sanctions after rumoured Apple deal (South China Morning Post; Oct 1, 2022)

Tech war: China’s top memory chip maker carefully treads path to semiconductor self-sufficiency as US ponders trade sanctions (South China Morning Post; Sep 25, 2022)

The U.S. and its allies are joining forces on chips. That could stop China reaching the next level (CNBC; Sep 22, 2022)

Senators ask for review of Apple’s plan to use Chinese chips (The Washington Post; Sep 21, 2022)

US-China semiconductor battle: Second and third order consequences (TechSpot; Sep 19, 2022)

Biden to broaden Chinese chip and tool export curbs (Taipei Times; Sep 18, 2022)

Tech war: China’s semiconductor trade group sees ‘hostile’ environment after US Chips Act but no quick remedies found (South China Morning Post; Sep 16, 2022)

Top China official wants high-tech cooperation with S. Korea (Associated Press; Sep 16, 2022)

White House sounds alert on inbound Chinese investment (UK Today News; Sep 15, 2022)

Tech war: Dutch chip manufacturing tool maker ASML still aims to expand China workforce, despite tighter US export restrictions (South China Morning Post; Sep 13, 2022)

Germany drawing up new China trade policy, vows ‘no more naivety’ (Malay Mail; Sep 13, 2022)

JW Insights: The chiplet tech may serve as a new opportunity for China to address its IC self-sufficiency, but is unlikely to solve its advanced chip manufacturing predicament (; Sep 12, 2022)

US to ‘choke off’ China’s access to key computer chips (FOX Business; Sep 12, 2022)

Tech war: Why the US Nvidia chip ban is a direct threat to Beijing’s artificial intelligence ambitions (South China Morning Post; Sep 12, 2022)

JW Insights: China’s IC industry sticks to high payment for talents but offers lower starting salaries for fresh graduates (; Sep 12, 2022)

Biden’s $270 billion semiconductor bill to battle China isn’t that big a deal, Goldman says. Unless there’s some kind of huge ‘international conflict’ (Fortune; Sep 6, 2022)

U.S. Restricts Sales of Sophisticated Chips to China and Russia (The New York Times; Aug 31, 2022)

Tech war: China’s attacks on US Chips Act continue, although Beijing has few countermeasures, analysts say (South China Morning Post; Aug 30, 2022)

What’s Driving China’s Chip Sector Crackdown? (The Diplomat; Aug 29, 2022)

China’s top chip maker SMIC achieves 7-nm tech breakthrough on par with Intel, TSMC and Samsung, analysts say (MSN; Aug 29, 2022)

Why world's largest electronics market has been shut down (Gadgets Now; Aug 29, 2022)

Chinese trade agency speaks out against US chip action (China Daily; Aug 29, 2022)

Tech war: Beijing, local governments pressed to raise support for Chinese chip research and development amid US expansion (South China Morning Post; Aug 26, 2022)

China’s semiconductor industry faces another headache amid lacklustre demand for the low-end chips (South China Morning Post; Aug 24, 2022)

Tech war: South Korean trade group calls for chip diversification from China as Seoul mulls joining US-led semiconductor alliance (South China Morning Post; Aug 22, 2022)

Tech war: Taiwanese veteran who helped China’s memory chip progress says US-led Chip 4 Alliance could backfire on member countries -report (South China Morning Post; Aug 19, 2022)

Amid record heat wave, China dims lights in Chengdu subway to save power (Asia Pacific Star; Aug 19, 2022)

China has painted itself into a semiconductor corner (Japan Times; Aug 15, 2022)

China’s semiconductor output shrank 17 per cent in July as supply chains remained under pressure from strict Covid-19 policies (South China Morning Post; Aug 15, 2022)

Tech war: new US export controls block China from achieving its semiconductor ambitions (South China Morning Post; Aug 15, 2022)

China’s top chip maker SMIC beats earnings estimates despite threat of more US sanctions (South China Morning Post; Aug 11, 2022)

Biden signs China competition bill to boost U.S. chipmakers (CNBC; Aug 9, 2022)

US-China Taiwan tensions could choke off chip supply, Intel exec warns (MSN; Aug 8, 2022)

Corruption is sending shock waves through China’s chipmaking industry (MIT Technology Review; Aug 5, 2022)

Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan was great news for China’s chip sector as investors welcome the prospect of a chip war boom (Fortune; Aug 5, 2022)

China’s chip industry could miss out critical next-gen tech if US implements design software export ban (South China Morning Post; Aug 5, 2022)

Tech war: China’s top memory chip maker YMTC faces headwinds amid reports US is weighing equipment export ban (South China Morning Post; Aug 3, 2022)

Tech war: China’s semiconductor ambitions face reality check amid reports US is set to widen ban on exports of equipment to country (South China Morning Post; Aug 1, 2022)