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Microelectronics holds the key to a digital future – smart and connected homes, cloud computing, autonomous transportation, faster data transmission and smart medical devices are some of the biggest innovations of our time that would not be possible without microelectronics. Today, the microelectronics industry is not only producing more chips than ever, it’s rapidly increasing the number of transistors inside each one—leading to exponentially more advanced devices. This is why a pocket-sized smart phone has more combined processing power than the massive computers used to guide humankind to the moon for the first time in the 1960s.  Looking ahead, the industry will continue to push the limits of technology, with revolutionary smart-electronic products for driverless cars, smart city infrastructure, internet of things (IoT)—and everything else humans can dream up.

EU research, development and innovation programs have produced unparalleled collaboration opportunities that no single European country can match on its own. Looking into the future, one of the EU’s top priorities is to enhance Europe’s position as a world leader in the digital economy. Fulfilling this mission requires an innovative microelectronics industry in Europe.

Against this backdrop, SEMI Europe aims to position the sector in the funding landscape of the EU, emphasising the need to build a stronger ecosystem reinforcing the entire value chain, from equipment and design to assembly, testing and packaging. Through the development of position papers and participation in key debates, SEMI Europe presents specific recommendations on various EU-funded programmes, including Horizon Europe, Digital Europe, the Key Digital Technologies Institutionalized Partnership.


Get involved!

SEMI Europe brings to members the latest developments of digital policy in Europe, liaising with key decision makers to position the sector in the hottest debates. The positions are developed in the SEMI EU Tech / R&D policy group, comprised of over 50 members with a shared interest in digital policies. The group meets regularly to get updated on the latest EU news, exchange views and align on the position of the sector.

Contact the Europe Advocacy team to get involved in the EU Tech / R&D policy group and shape the industry’s positions!