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The Smart Data-AI Initiative provides a platform to drive value creation from data and AI for the microelectronics industry helping members to improve operational efficiency and to capture the $65B+ revenue upside.

Smart data AI

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Make new connections and spread knowledge about the latest developments and emerging technologies through sessions at SEMICONs, webinars, and blogs

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Collaborate with Data and AI domain experts through pre-competitive platforms

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Accelerate innovation by participating in proof-of-concept projects to explore innovative applications of Data & AI

“The SEMI Smart Data-AI Initiative provides a framework where different functions within a fab come together to enable a higher level of manufacturing control and build an integrated feedback loop in real time. Using real-time data gathered through in-process analytical measurements, coupled with simultaneous decision-making made through AI algorithms, will better enable manufacturers to maintain high yielding processes. DuPont is eager to incorporate these feedback loops in the development of production-worthy products and processes.”
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Nick Pugliano
Chief Technology Officer, DuPont


Smart Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are driving the “Intelligent Future,” which has emerged as the central technology narrative worldwide – examples include intelligent homes, workplaces, transportation, health, infrastructure, grid, manufacturing, etc. This future is enabled by microelectronics-based platforms (chips and systems) that generate (sensors), transmit (communication), store (memory), and analyze (processors) data.   

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Connect with other Industry Advisory Council (IAC) members through Connect@SEMI online platform and access exclusive library containing project reports, event presentations, and webinar recordings.


Explore how SEMI is preparing members to take full advantage of the multi-trillion-dollar AI economic opportunity over the next five years.


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