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Benchmarking Supply Chain Best Practices

SEMI requests your support completing the 1Q2023 Electronics Supply Chain Pulse Survey tailored specifically to the electronics industry. We conducted a similar survey in early 2022 with our knowledge partner McKinsey. The findings from that survey are available here for your reference to give you a flavor of the type of questions and the results that you can expect to see. 

Starting this year, we will be conducting these surveys once a quarter, each one focused on specific supply chain domains and functions. Then, aggregated findings and insights will be published in the first month of the following quarter allowing you to benchmark against your peers, identify key issues swiftly, and course-correct in near real-time.

The electronics industry continues to be in a state of flux. Even after two years of shortages, delays, and skyrocketing costs, the causes of supply chain disruptions keep changing rapidly. Capturing your sentiments regarding these challenges will allow us to better understand the disruptive factors from an end-to-end supply chain perspective - customers, suppliers, and service providers in the electronics value chain - so that appropriate actions can be taken quickly. 

If you are interested in participating the survey and you are a member of SEMI, please request the link to the survey by sending an email to

Survey Schedule for 1H 2023:

  • 1Q23 Survey release date: February 2023
  • 1Q23 Survey Close: March 2023
  • 1Q23 Survey Results Published: Before the end of April 2023
  • 2Q23 Survey release date: May 2023
  • 2Q23 Survey Close: June 2023
  • 2Q23 Survey Results Published: Before the end of July 2023