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The SEMI Industry Research and Statistics group provides timely market and trend information for market research, competitive analysis, and sales forecasting. We focus on the global semiconductor capital equipment, selected materials markets and fab forecasting data. This data is featured in our market data products/subscriptions, and is highlighted by market analysts, and is the benchmark data referenced by financial communities around the world.

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SEMI is the only organization that is able to collect actual data from semiconductor equipment, component, and materials suppliers around the world with regular frequency.  Strict professional standards of confidentiality ensure all of the participant's data is kept secure.  The data is the basis for providing subscribers with market reports. more...


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Press Release: Rising Annual Silicon Wafer Shipment Forecast (October 2014)
Total wafer shipments this year are expected to finally exceed the market high set in 2010 and are forecast to continue shipping at record levels in 2015 and 2016.


Article: Semiconductor Materials Market to Surpass $46 Billion in 2015 (October 2014)
Current semiconductor revenue forecasts point to mid- to high single digit growth and quarterly device revenues and silicon shipments are stronger when compared to the same period last year. The semiconductor materials market will increase three percent this year and four percent in 2015, resulting in a materials market exceeding $46 billion in 2015.

Press Release:  Second Quarter 2014 Worldwide PV Equipment Market Statistics Report (September 2014)
Worldwide billings increased to $319 million in Q2 2014, an increase of 33 percent from the prior quarter but 11 percent below the same quarter a year ago.


Article:  Outlook: Healthy Equipment Spending into 2015 (September 2014)
Equipment spending shows strong growth for 2014 and 2015 and the newly released World Fab Forecast report predicts growth of 21% for Front End fab equipment spending in 2014, for total spending of US$34.9 billion.

Press Release: Strong Growth in Second Quarter 2014 Silicon Wafer Shipments (August 2014)
Total silicon wafer area shipments were 2,587 million square inches during the most recent quarter, a 9.5 percent increase from the 2,363 million square inches shipped during the previous quarter.


Press Release:  SEMI Forecasts Back-toBack Years of Double-Digit Growth in Chip Equpment Spending (July 2014)
The SEMI outlook calls for the total semiconductor equipment market to grow 20.8 percent in 2014 to reach $38.4 billion and to expand another 10.8 percent in 2015 to exceed $42.6 billion.


Article: Mid-Year Update: Positive Figures Year-to-Date; Growth for 2014 (June 2014)
2014 is off to a positive start. The WSTS/SIA reports strong IC unit shipment growth through April; and both the silicon and leadframe unit data collected here through SEMI show solid year-over-year growth comparisons as well. 

Press Release: First Quarter 2014 Worldwide PV Equipment Market Statistics Report (June 2014)
Worldwide bookings for the first quarter grew to $296 million, 18 percent above Q4 2013 and 44 percent higher than Q1 2013. At 1.24, the book-to-bill ratio broke above parity for the first time since 1Q 2011 with bookings at the highest quarterly value since Q1 2012.

Press Release: First Quarter 2014 Worldwide Semiconductor Equiment Figures: Billings US$10.15 Billion (June 2014)
Worldwide semiconductor equipment bookings were $9.89 billion in the first quarter of 2014. The figure is 27 percent higher than the same quarter a year ago and 5 percent lower than the bookings figure for the fourth quarter of 2013.

Press Release: Increase in First Quarter 2014 Wafer Shipments (May 2014)
Total silicon wafer area shipments were 2,364 million square inches during the most recent quarter, a 7.1 percent increase from the 2,208 million square inches shipped during the previous quarter.


Article:  Semiconductor Photomask Market: Forecasted to be $3.3 billion in 2015 (May 2014)
The worldwide semiconductor photomask market was $3.1 billion in 2013 and is forecasted to reach $3.3 billion in 2015. After contracting 3 percent in 2012 the photomask market increased 1 percent in 2013. 

Article:  First Quarter Semiconductor Trends and Update (May 2014)
Given the slow economic growth in the U.S. during the first quarter, coupled with challenging geo-political developments around the world, uncertainty once again permeates the industry outlook for the year. 

Press Release: 4Q’13 Worldwide Photovoltaic Equipment Market Statistics Report (April 2014)
Worldwide bookings, which represent net new orders for PV manufacturing equipment, improved 112 percent in Q4’13 compared to the previous quarter and were up 6 percent year-over-year. Worldwide billings improved 112 percent in Q4’13 versus Q3’13, but declined 14 percent on a year-over-year basis.


Article: 2013: A Year in Review — Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Market and Outlook (April 2014)
2013 was a record year in terms of semiconductor device revenues; the industry finally exceeded the long elusive $300 billion mark, registering almost 5% growth but it was the second consecutive year of declining revenues for both semiconductor equipment (-14%) and materials (-3%).

LED image

LED Investment to Recover in Light of Solid State Lighting (SSL) Adoption (April 2014)
LED chip makers and packaging houses from Taiwan are posting stronger revenue growth in Q1. 


Article:  2014 Fab Equipment Spending to Increase 20-30% (March 2014)
The latest release of the SEMI World Fab Forecast reveals a 20% to 30% projected increase in fab equipment spending in 2014. The uptick to 30% depends on specific fab projects in the Europe/Mideast and Asia regions.


Article:  Weaker Yen Impact on the 2013 Material and Equipment Market Size (March 2014)
Semiconductor industry revenues reported by the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics reached a record high in 2013 with global revenues totaling over $305 million. 

Press Release: Silicon Wafer Shipment/Revenue for 2013 (Feb 2014)
Silicon wafer area shipments in 2013 totaled 9,067 million square inches (MSI), slightly up from the 9,031 million square inches shipped during 2012. Revenues totaled $7.5 billion down from $8.7 billion posted in 2012.

Article:  Silicon Reclaim Wafer Market Increased 14% in 2013 (Feb 2014)
The worldwide reclaim wafer market is estimated at $460 million in 2013 and is forecasted to reach $493 million by 2015, according to SEMI. 

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