ISS 2016 Agenda


ISS 2016 Agenda                                                                   2015 Agenda in PDF 

Sunday, January 10
15:00–18:00          Conference Check in
Welcome Reception
Monday, January 11
07:00–07:55Continental Breakfast
Sponsored by: Air Products and Chemicals
07:55–08:00Welcome Remarks: 
Denny McGuirk
President and CEO

08:00--08:10Opening Remarks: 
Rich Rice

Senior Vice President, ASE Group
ISS Committee Co-chair

08:10–08:50Opening Keynote: TBA

Session I: Economic Trends
08:50–08:55Session Overview
08:55–09:35Duncan Meldrum, Chief  Economist
Hilltop Economics

09:35–10:05Bill McClean, President
IC Insights

Sponsored by: JSR Micro 

10:35–11:05Bob Johnson, Research VP

11:05–11:35Dan Tracy, Sr. Director, Industry Research &   Statistics

11:35–12:05Ezra Greenberg, Economist and Strategist  
McKinsey & Company

Sponsored by: Nikon Precision 

Session 2: Market Perspective
13:30–13:35Session Overview
13:35–14:05Ryan Smith, Editor-in-Chief
14:05–14:35Manish Bhatia, ‎Senior Vice President, WW Operations 

14:35–15:05Speaker to be announced
15:35–16:05Handel Jones, Founder and CEO, 
International Business Strategies

16:05–16:35Mark Lipacis, Managing Director

17:30-19:30 Reception
Tuesday, January  12
07:00–08:00Continental Breakfast
08:00–08:15SEMI Public Policy Update
Jonathan Davis, Global VP, Inductry Advocacy,

Session 3: Technology and Manufacturing
08:15–08:20Session Overview
08:20–08:50Michael Campbell, Senior Vice President of Engineering

08:50–09:20Tom Caulfield, Senior Vice President and General Manager

09:20–09:50Sunny Hui, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing

10:20–10:50Guy Blalock, Executive Officer
IM Flash Technologies

10:50–11:20Ivo Raaijmakers
ASM International

11:20–11:50Babak Sabi, Corporate Vice President, Director, Assembly and Test Technology Development

13:30–14:00Choon Heung Lee, Chief Technology Officer
Amkor Technology

14:00–14:30Paul Farrar Jr., General Manager, Global 450mm Consortium (G450C) 
Vice President for Manufacturing  Innovation

Session 4: Collaboration Towards Success
Session Overview
15:05–15:35Sean Doyle, Director
Intel Capital

15:35–16:05Frits van Hout, Executive Vice President

16:05–16:35Michael Sadler, Vice President

18:45–21:00ISS Banquet

January 13, Wednesday
07:30–08:30Continental Breakfast
08:30–08:35Session Overview
08:35–09:15 Closing Keynote to be announced
09:15–09:45Weston Twigg, Senior Research Analyst,
Semiconductor Capital Equipment, Industrial Technology,
Pacific Crest Securities

09:45–9:55G. Dan Hutcheson (Biography)
CEO and Chairman
VLSI Research

10:25am–11:30ISS CxO Panel 2016: It's 2050… Moore's Law is Dead… What's the New Business Model?

CxO panel: Today’s challenges in making the transition from research to manufacturing

The CxO panel closes the conference with a conversation between Dan Hutcheson and several esteemed executives at a CxO level.  
This year, we are asking our panelists to think ahead … Way ahead … to 2050. It’s been fifty year’s since Moore’s Law was discovered.
So, it’s a safe assumption that by 2050, Moore’s Law as we know it … will be dead.  Yet we also know that the semiconductor industry
will still be thriving, as innovation will never die, as that is what we do. This year’s panelists have been chosen for their track record as
visionaries to share their views of how they see our industry evolving as it transitions away from Moore’s Law. Here are some of the
questions that they have been asked to address: How do we get from here to there? What direction will innovation take beyond scaling?
Will the weight shift from process to design or will both become more critically interdependent? Will the business model still be grounded
in lowering cost-per-transistor or will it shift to raising value-per-chip and what does that mean in their mind?  


G. Dan Hutcheson
CEO and Chairman
VLSI Research
Panelists to be announced
CxO Panel Sponsored by: Applied Materials 
11:30–11:35Closing Remarks: 
Eugene Karwacki
Director, Integration and Strategic Partnerships
Air Products and Chemicals
ISS Committee Co-chair 
 Agenda as of October 1, 2015. Subject to Change