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Since the dawn of computing, the semiconductor industry has been the enabler for the major innovations in the electronics industry. Moore’s Law has been the foundation for semiconductor industry economics. It laid the groundwork for the PC revolution, pervasive use of the internet, and the emergence and dominance of mobile devices, and each wave created renewed demand and prosperity in the semiconductor industry. In recent years, demand for semiconductors, and with it growth, has slowed to single digit numbers. Exploding costs for developing and manufacturing these state-of-the-art devices has led to major consolidations, first among device makers and then among the equipment and material suppliers. Although this may be healthy, profitable growth is necessary for the re-investment needed to continue the silicon magic and create the next wave of innovations that will generate demand for more device capability.

While the above natural forces are in play, mobility and availability of tablets and smart phones for the masses, coupled with the exciting possibilities that the Internet of Things can bring, could potentially lead to increased growth in ICs. Further, continued efficiencies and shifts in the value chain caused by deeper collaboration between fabless and foundries on one hand, unique capabilities that IDMs deliver on the other, and the entry of some IDMs to the foundry sector, should generate new dimensions in the supply chain’s quest to create value.

ISS 2015 explores the trends taking place in the industry from economic, market, technology, and manufacturing perspectives. In addition, the conference will look at ways to address the demands for continued development and manufacture of advanced technology. How should the supply chain respond to create increased value for customers, no matter where in the supply chain they reside? And most importantly, what should the industry do to maintain and increase prosperity to meet this demand in order to continue to sustain future growth? As always, the final goal is to help semiconductor industry executives set their strategies to navigate this exciting and rapidly changing environment.


Scott McGregor
Scott McGregor 
President and CEO
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VP, Develop Program Excellence

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The Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS) is an executive conference developed for senior executives from the semiconductor and emerging technology industries.
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SEMI would like to thank the ISS 2015 Organizing Committee for their outstanding contributions in developing the agenda and direction for the upcoming conference.


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January 11-14, 2015

The Ritz Carlton

Halfmoon Bay

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