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The Semiconductor Climate Consortium is focused on the challenges of climate change and works to speed industry value chain efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in member company operations and in other sectors of our value chain. We believe that the collaboration of our member companies, with our accumulated knowledge and innovative technology, will accelerate solutions to the most pressing problems. Working together, we will address and solve issues no one company can do alone

Energy Collaborative

New Energy Collaborative Aims to Accelerate Creation of Low-Carbon Energy Access in Asia-Pacific for the Semiconductor Climate Consortium


The Semiconductor Climate Consortium drives progress on climate challenges within our industry value chain and supports the Paris Agreement and related accords driving the 1.5°C pathway.

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Align on common approaches to continuously improve and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the semiconductor industry value chain.

Publicly report progress and Scope 1, 2, & 3 GHG emissions for the value chain annually according to the guidelines and principles in the GHG Protocol and agree to key underlying assumptions

Set near-term and long-term targets in the value chain in accordance with best available science, with the aim to reach Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions per the GHG Protocol no later than 2050.

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SCC BAR Releases Baseline Report Created by BCG

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