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Packaging Highlights

AMD's new chiplet GPU patent could finally do for graphics cards what Ryzen did for its CPUs (PC Gamer; Dec 4, 2023)

Nascent Chiplet Tech Gaining Attention In Defense And Commercial Industries (Semiconductor Engineering; Nov 30, 2023)

Making Heterogeneous Integration More Predictable (Semiconductor Engineering; Nov 29, 2023)

A Fast And Unified Toolchain For Rapid Design Space Exploration Of Chiplet Architectures (Semiconductor Engineering; Nov 27, 2023)

ASIC platform targets automotive chiplets (eeNews Automotive; Nov 23, 2023)

DARPA eyes creation of next-generation semiconductor manufacturing hub (C4ISRNET; Nov 22, 2023)

Japan's Resonac to open chip packaging R&D centre in US (Reuters; Nov 21, 2023)

A New Front Is Opening Up in the US-China Conflict Over Chips (Bloomberg; Nov 21, 2023)

CHIPS for America Releases Vision for Approximately $3 Billion National Advanced Packaging Manufacturing Program (National Institute of Standards and Technology; Nov 20, 2023)

International Semiconductor Alliance launches for European chip packaging (eeNews Europe; Nov 20, 2023)

Extending network-on-chip (NoC) technology to chiplets (EDN; Nov 15, 2023)

Renesas moves to chiplets for automotive processors (Electronics Weekly; Nov 9, 2023)

3D Heterogenous Integration: Design And Verification Challenges (Semiconductor Engineering; Nov 8, 2023)

US Navy Funds Mercury’s Photonic Chiplet Development (Photonics; Nov 7, 2023)

Data Leakage In Heterogeneous Systems (Semiconductor Engineering; Nov 2, 2023)

AMD Says It Could Bring Chiplets to Thinner Ryzen Laptops (Tom's Hardware; Oct 28, 2023)

Making Connections In 3D Heterogeneous Integration (Semiconductor Engineering; Oct 26, 2023)

How the Worlds of Chiplets and Packaging Intertwine (EE Times Asia; Oct 24, 2023)

How chiplets and tiles are transforming semiconductors (XDA; Oct 22, 2023)

Why Using Commercial Chiplets Is So Difficult (Semiconductor Engineering, Oct 18, 2023)

Open Compute Project expands chiplet and Ethernet efforts for data centers, AI (SDxCentral; Oct 17, 2023)

Intel Heats Up and Expands its Agilex FPGA family (EE Journal; Oct 16, 2023)

IMAPS Keynotes Focus on Heterogeneous Integration for HPC, AI, and EVs (3D InCites; Oct 12, 2023)

Chiplets diary: JEDEC’s tie-up with OCP bears first fruit (EDN; Oct 12, 2023)

TSMC looks to standardise chiplet protocols in ‘world changing’ move (eeNews Europe; Oct 9, 2023)

Tenstorrent selects Samsung Foundry to manufacture latest AI chiplet (New Electronics; Oct 8, 2023)

Tenstorrent to Use Samsung's SF4X for Quasar Low-Cost Chiplet (AnandTech; Oct. 3, 2023)

Tenstorrent chooses Samsung to make next AI chiplets (eeNews Europe; Oct 2, 2023)

Everyone’s A System Designer With Heterogeneous Integration (Semiconductor Engineering; Oct 2, 2023)

IFTLE 570: China Restricts Exports of Gallium and Germanium (3D InCites; Oct 2, 2023)

Ink-Borne ‘Chiplets’ Could Lead to Printable Displays, Electronics and More (Printed Electronics Now; Sept 29, 2023)

From Intel’s Foveros to AMD’s chiplets, why the industry is playing lego with chips (; Sept 29, 2023)

Is This the Ultimate Chiplet Interconnect Technology? (Electronic Engineering Journal; Sept 28, 2023)

How the Worlds of Chiplets and Packaging Intertwine (EE Times; Sept 26, 2023)

Intel’s next-generation CPUs hide chiplets inside (EDN; Sept 26, 2023)

Building Better Bridges In Advanced Packaging (Semiconductor Engineering; Sept 21, 2023)

Why Chiplets Don’t Work For All Designs (Semiconductor Engineering; Sept 20, 2023)

Intel unveils first glass substrates for next-generation advanced packaging (Geeky Gadgets; Sept 19, 2023)

Nvidia's Next-Gen Blackwell GPUs Rumored to Use Multi-Chiplet Design (Tom's Hardware; Sept 18, 2023)

I Got an Early Look at Intel's Glass Packaging Tech for Faster Chips (CNET; Sept 18, 2023)

IFTLE 569: IMAPS CHIPcon – Samsung’s Advanced Packaging (3D InCites; Sept 14, 2023)

Korea’s SKC moves in on US chiplet infrastructure (eeNews Europe; Sept 11, 2023)

SKC to Make Investment in Chipletz in US for Semiconductor Packaging (Business Korea; Sept 11, 2023)

IFTLE 568: Government Agency Roles in Onshoring Microelectronics (3D InCites; Sept 6, 2023)

A sneak peek at chiplet standards (EDN; Sept 4, 2023)

IP partnerships stir the world of FPGA chiplets (EDN; Aug 29, 2023)

S. Korean ministry signs MoU with Samsung, SK hynix on chip packaging (The Korea Times; Aug 29, 2023)

IFTLE 567: IMAPS Onshoring Conference Reports U.S. OSAT Activities (3D InCites; Aug 29, 2023)

Chiplet-base generative AI platform raises LLM performance (eeNews Europe; Aug 28, 2023)

Preparing For Commercial Chiplets (Semiconductor Engineering; Aug 24, 2023)

Intel is embracing chiplet design to uphold Moore’s Law, says VP of design engineering (The Indian Express; Aug 23, 2023)

Intel’s Chiplet Strategy Accelerates FPGA Development (Forbes; Aug 21, 2023)

Who Will Regulate Data Exchanges In Chiplets? (Semiconductor Engineering; Aug 17, 2023)

IFTLE 566: NGMM Teams Chosen; TSMC Delays US Fab Opening; Japan’s Rapidus; Lewis to Lead NSTC (3D InCites; Aug 14, 2023)

Meetkai creates a digital twin of sprawling $2B Silicon Box chip packaging factory (Venture Beat; Aug 14, 2023)

UCIe 1.1 Brings Chip Level Connectivity Out Of The Box (Forbes; Aug 11, 2023)

UCIe Sees Automotive Chiplet Group With Latest Specification (eeNews Automotive; Aug 9, 2023)

A Search Framework That Optimizes Hybrid-Device IMC Architectures For DNNs, Using Chiplets (Semiconductor Engineering; Aug 8, 2023)

South Korea initiates major R&D project to boost chips packaging competitiveness (DigiTimes Asia; Aug 4, 2023)

China’s natural science fund supports new ‘chiplet’ tech research to advance semiconductor self-sufficiency amid threat of fresh US sanctions (South China Morning Post; Aug 3, 2023)

CHIPCon 2023: Demystifying the Chiplet Ecosystem (3D InCites; Aug 2, 2023)

Samsung Elec to Provide HBM3, Packaging Service to Nvidia (The Korea Economic Daily; Aug 1, 2023)

IFTLE 564: IMAPS Reshoring Conference Part 1: Focus on Chiplets (3D InCites; Jul 31, 2023)

FMD and Intel to Accelerate Research on 3D Heterogeneous Integration (eeNews Embedded; Jul 31, 2023)

Dual Use PHY for Chiplet and Chip Scale Packaging (eeNews Europe; Jul 27, 2023)

Are You Ready for the Chiplet Age? (EE Journal; Jul 27, 2023)

Smarter Systems Through Heterogeneous Integration: Highlights From 3D & Systems Summit (Semiconductor Engineering; Jul 25, 2023)

A Methodology for Turning an SoC Into Chiplets (eeNews Europe; Jul 25, 2023)

IFTLE 563: Is CoWoS Capacity Causing a GPU Shortage? (3D InCites; Jul 24, 2023)

Co-Packaged Optics market to have 46% CAGR 2022-33 (Electronics Weekly; Jul 17, 2023)

Chip wars: How ‘chiplets’ are emerging as a core part of China’s tech strategy (Reuters; Jul 13, 2023)

Challenges Of Heterogeneous Integration (Semiconductor Engineering; Jul 13, 2023)

IFTLE 562: Die to Wafer Hybrid Bonding from Adeia (3D InCites; Jul 10, 2023)

Massive Chiplet-Based FPGA Designed to Make More Chips (Electronic Design; Jul 7, 2023)

Heterogeneous Integration As A Path Towards Sustainable Computing, Using Chiplets (Semiconductor Engineering; Jul 6, 2023)

A Focus on Chiplet Verification (3D InCites; Jul 5, 2023)

SEMI 3D & Systems Summit 2023 Opens With Heterogeneous Integration for Smarter Systems in Focus (iConnect; Jun 26, 2023)

India clears $2.7 billion Micron chip testing plant ahead of Modi's U.S. visit (Reuters; Jun 20, 2023)

Chiplets advancing one design breakthrough at a time (EDN; Jun 13, 2023)

GF, Lockheed Martin Pair Up to Improve National Security (EE Times; Jun 12, 2023)

Siemens EDA, SPIL team on fanout chiplets (eeNews Europe; Jun 10, 2023)

The Alphabet Soup of 3D Packaging (3D InCites; Jun 7, 2023)

IFTLE 558: Showa Denko becomes Resonac, Joins Japan’s “Joint 2” Consortium (3D InCites; Jun 5, 2023)

Are Chiplets Enough to Save Moore’s Law? (EE Times; Jun 2, 2023)

The Chiplet’s Time Is Coming, It’s Here, Or Not (Forbes; May 29, 2023)

Chiplet Planning Kicks Into High Gear (Semiconductor Engineering; May 25, 2023)

Hybrid Bonding takes Heterogeneous Integration to the Next Level (3D InCites; May 22, 2023)

U.S. Focuses on Invigorating ‘Chiplets’ to Stay Cutting-Edge in Tech (The New York Times; May 11, 2023)

New Standards Push Co-Packaged Optics (Semiconductor Engineering; Apr 26, 2023)

Heterogeneous IC Packaging: Building an Infrastructure (3D InCites; Apr 24, 2023)

Data-Centric Reconfigurable Array Chiplets (Princeton) (Semiconductor Engineering; Apr 21, 2023)

First PCIe 6.0 and chiplet test chip on 3nm (eeNews Europe; Apr 21, 2023)

IFTLE 554: Are TMD Materials the Future of the Transistor? (3D InCites; Apr 20, 2023)

Intel news roundup: chiplets milestone, server exit, and ARM deal (Apr 17, 2023)

Samsung Elec launches foundry package turnkey service (The Korea Economic Daily; Apr 14, 2023)

Chiplets: More Standards Needed (Semiconductor Engineering; Apr 13, 2023)

Excitement Over Chiplets: Not for Everyone and Not Trivial for Test (3D InCites; Apr 12, 2023)

Design Considerations And Recent Advancements In Chiplets (Semiconductor Engineering; Apr 10, 2023)

CIL plans UK’s largest power semiconductor packaging plant (eeNews Power; Apr 10, 2023)

Intel, Qorvo ship chiplet protypes to BAe Systems (eeNews Europe; Apr 7, 2023)

Chiplet Security Risks Underestimated (Semiconductor Engineering; Apr 6, 2023)

IFTLE 553: Samsung Foundry Update; Amkor/ GlobalFoundries Venture (3D InCites; Apr 5, 2023)

Eliyan Technology May Rewrite How Chiplets Come Together (Fortune; Apr 4, 2023)

Mechanical Challenges Rise With Heterogeneous Integration (Semiconductor Engineering; Apr 3, 2023)

China forms its own chiplet standard amid isolation (eeNews Europe; Mar 27, 2023)

Mini-Consortia Forming Around Chiplets (Semiconductor Engineering; Mar 20, 2023)

IMAPS DPC 2023: Advanced Packaging is Critical to the Future of Semiconductor Technology (3D InCites; Mar 20, 2023)

Panel Tackles Chiplet Packaging Challenges (Semiconductor Engineering; Mar 16, 2023)

IFTLE 551: SK Hynix Advanced Packaging; Integra Expansion in Kansas (Mar 15, 2023)

New AMD Embedded Epyc Processors Land At Embedded World (Forbes; Mar 14, 2023)

IMAPS Advanced System-in-Package Conference is now CHIPcon (3D InCites; Mar 13, 2023)

IC verification labs see growing advanced packaging opportunities in auto chip sector (DigiTimes Asia; Mar 13, 2023)

Wafer Bonding and NanoCleave: The New Lithography Scaling (3D InCites; Mar 12, 2023)

IMAPS DPC Community Member Preview (3D InCites; Mar 9, 2023)

Addressing Total Overlay Drift In Advanced IC Substrate (AICS) Packaging (Semiconductor Engineering; Mar 7, 2023)

Companies that give up stock buybacks for 5 years will get preferential treatment in $52 billion CHIPS program, Commerce Secretary Raimondo says (CNBC; Mar 6, 2023)

Factbox: Chinese chipmaking equipment manufacturers filling void left by U.S. export restrictions (Reuters; Mar 5, 2023)

IFTLE 549: Penn State CHIMES In (3D InCites; Mar 2, 2023)

Rice University Among 14 to Join $32.7M Center For Heterogeneous Integration of Micro Electronic Systems (Rice University Electrical and Computer Engineering; Feb 27, 2023)

Chiplet Placer With Thermal Consideration For 2.5D ICs (Semiconductor Engineering; Feb 27, 2023)

Integra Technologies to build $1.8B chip plant in Kansas (Construction Drive; Feb 21, 2023)

What a fab’s tie-up with packaging and test firm means (EDN; Feb 21, 2023)

Interconnect Choices for 2.5D and 3D IC Designs (SemiWiki; Feb 14, 2023)

Semiconductor testing and packaging giant ASE Technology plans to move 25% of system-in-package capacity out of Chinese mainland (; Feb 13, 2023)

US chip packaging firm Amkor closes its Shanghai plant for a week amid global market downturn (South China Morning Post; Feb 10, 2023)

Intel Is Considering Increasing Its Investment In A Chip Packaging Plant In Vietnam: Report (Business Gurus; Feb 10, 2023)

Chiplets Taking Root As Silicon-Proven Hard IP (Semiconductor Engineering; Feb 9, 2023)

The Value of Semiconductor Packaging Technology in the Era of Heterogeneous Integration (EE Times; Feb 9, 2023)

Advances in Physical Verification and Thermal Modeling of 3DICs (SemiWiki; Feb 7, 2023)

IFTLE 548: TSMC’s Off-Shore Production; STEAM PIPE (3D InCites; Feb 7, 2023)

Integra Technologies to build giant chip packaging plant in Kansas (eeNews Europe; Feb 6, 2023)

IFTLE 547: IBAS RESHAPE is Onshoring Advanced Microelectronic Packaging (3D InCites; Feb 2, 2023)

$1.8B semiconducter plant to create nearly 2,000 jobs in Wichita (KZRG; Feb. 2, 2023)

This Chilling Effect on Stacked Chips Could Ignite Computing at the Edge (Homeland Security Today; Jan 27, 2023)

BoW Strengthens Pathway to Chiplet Standardization (EE Times; Jan 26, 2023)

Open Compute Project and JEDEC develop chiplet common language CDXML (Data Center Dynamics; Jan 25, 2023)

AI Compute Company Banks on Chiplets for Future Processors (Design News; Jan 24, 2023)

Intel goes slow, casts doubt on Italian chiplet fab (eeNews Analog; Jan 23, 2023)

Intel casts doubt on Italy for chip factory location (London Tribune; Jan 20, 2023)

Unknowns And Challenges In Advanced Packaging (Semiconductor Engineering; Jan 19, 2023)

Heterogeneous Integration: Fertile Ground For Medical And Biotech Innovation (Semiconductor Engineering; Jan 18, 2023)

Who will Win in the Chiplet War? (SemiWiki; Jan 16, 2023)

Chinese EDA leader revealed plans to develop chiplet and AI-based design automation (DigitTimes Asia; Jan 13, 2023)

Intel launches its chiplet-based CPU and GPU (eeNews Europe; Jan 11, 2023)

IMAPS Device Packaging Conference Returns to Arizona in March 2023 (3D InCites; Jan 10, 2023)

AMD unveils new high-performance datacenter processors (Techzine; Jan 6, 2023)

Will 3D Packaging Extend Moore’s Law? (3D InCites; Jan 4. 2023)

AMAT to acquire stakes in SKC’s glass substrate unit (The Korea Herald; Jan 3, 2023)

Canon fields lithography stepper for 3D packaging (eeNews Analog; Jan 3, 2023)

IFTLE 543: IPC Advanced Packaging Symposium Part 3: Intel, IBM and AMD (3D InCites; Jan 2, 2023)

Startup Aims to Improve Chiplet Packaging (EE Times; Dec 23, 2022)

IIFTLE 542: What We Need to Know about the US IC Substrate Infrastructure (3D InCites; Dec 15, 2022)

Interconnect Reliability: From the Chip to the System (3D InCites; Dec 13, 2022)

Edge AI And Chiplets (Semiconductor Engineering; Dec 8, 2022)

Ready, Set, Go: Outrunning Moore’s Law With 3D-IC (Semiconductor Engineering; Dec 8, 2022)

RF heterogenous ICs are making headway (EDN Asia; Dec 7, 2022)

Intel Chip Research Pushes Power Efficiency and Performance (The Next Platform; Dec 5, 2022)

Intel says it will squeeze 1 trillion transistors onto a chip package by 2030 (Silicon Angle; Dec 4, 2022)

Eliyan eliminates silicon interposer to advance D2D chiplet connect for HPC (Embedded; Nov 25, 2022)

SkyWater CEO Expands ‘Technology Foundry’ Model (EE Times; Nov 22, 2022)

Mastering FOWLP And 2.5D Design Is Easier Than You Think (Semiconductor Engineering; Nov 22, 2022)

3 Big Takeaways From AMD’s RDNA 3 Announcement (Apple on Medium, Nov 21, 2022)

Heterogeneous Chip Assembly Helps Optimize Medical And Wearable Devices (Semiconductor Engineering; Nov 17, 2022)

IFTLE 540: IMAPS Symp 2022: Nano-porous Copper; Adaptive Formed Glass (3D InCites; Nov 15, 2022)

Webinar: Fan-Out Packaging Technologies - The Past and Future (TechInsights; Nov 14, 2022)

Managing IP In Heterogeneous Designs (Semiconductor Engineering; Nov 14, 2022)

AMD launches fourth-gen EPYC Genoa processors (Techzine, Nov 11, 2022)

Linking Chiplets Just Got a Lot Easier (IEEE Spectrum; Nov 19, 2022)

IFTLE 539: IMAPS On-Shore Packaging & Assembly Workshop; TSMC 3DFabric Alliance (3D InCites; Nov 10, 2022)

Startup: Our chiplet design tech can best Intel, TSMC (The Register; Nov 8, 2022)

Eliyan raises $40M from Intel and Micron to build chiplet interconnects (TechCrunch; Nov 8, 2022)

Heterogeneous Integration: Correcting Overlay Errors On Advanced Integrated Circuit Substrates (AICS) (Semiconductor Engineering; Nov 8, 2022)

Georgia Tech Packaging Research Center Collaboration with SKC Leads to $600 Million Semiconductor Manufacturing Site in Georgia (Georgia Tech; Nov 7, 2022)

US foundry SkyWater announces progress in reshoring advanced packaging capability (DigiTimes Asia; Nov 7, 2022)

ASE unveils chiplet packaging solutions aimed at AI, auto uses (Focus Taiwan; Nov 4, 2022)

TSMC Creates the 3DFabric Alliance to Accelerate Chiplet Design (PC Perspective; Nov 1, 2022)

IFTLE 538: Kyocera Details HDBU and HDI Processing and Looks at US On-shoring (3D InCites; Oct 31, 2022)

AMD Recycles Dual-Chiplet Ryzen 7000's as Ryzen 5 7600X CPUs, Again (Tom's Hardware; Oct 29, 2022)

TSMC wants to unleash a flood of chiplet designs with 3DFabric Alliance (The Register; Oct 28, 2022)

Ventana Micro Brings RISC-V Into The Data Center (Forbes; Oct 24, 2022)

Chiplets will revolutionize the HPC sector (Data Center Dynamics; Oct 20, 2022)

Heterogeneous Integration Issues And Developments (Semiconductor Engineering; Oct 19, 2022)

Avicena buys glō microLED fab for optical chiplets (eeNews Europe; Oct 18, 2022)

IFTLE 536: Government-sponsored Advanced Packaging Programs Taking Shape (3D InCites; Oct 17, 2022)

Heterogeneous Integration Co-Design Won’t Be Easy (Semiconductor Engineering; Oct 13, 2022)

Intel’s Push For UCIe Will Enable Lower System Costs (Forbes; Oct 13, 2022)

Heterogeneous Integration: Exposing Large Panels With Fewer Shots (Semiconductor Engineering; Oct 11, 2022)

Intel plans 3nm chiplet for satellite terminal (eeNews Europe; Oct 11, 2022)

Samsung Roadmap Includes 1.4-nm Production by 2027 (EE Times; Oct 10 2022)

Tackling the chiplet clock challenge (eeNews Europe; Oct 10, 2022)

Finding the chiplet integration technology with the simplest scheme (Tech Xplore; Oct 7, 2022)

Samsung Electronics unveils plans for 1.4nm process technology and investment for production capacity at Samsung Foundry Forum 2022 (IoT Now; Oct 7, 2022)

Swissbit Expands Berlin, Germany, Manufacturing Capability (Storage Newsletter; Oct 4, 2022)

IFTLE 535: The Resurgence of U.S. Semiconductor Fabs (3D InCites; Oct 3, 2022)

Turning Rochester into a future semiconductor packaging center: How students benefit from this (Campus Times; Oct 2, 2022)

Intel picks site for Italian chiplet factory (eeNews Analog; Sep 25, 2022)

AMD CEO Discusses 2nm, 3nm Chip Manufacturing With TSMC (Tech News Space; Sep 23, 2022)

Chiplet Designs and Heterogeneous Integration Packaging (3D InCites; Sep 22, 2022)

IFTLE 534: A Look at DARPA’s Next Generation Microelectronics Manufacturing (NGMM) Program (3D InCites; Sep 20, 2022)

Korean chip packaging to be shown at KPCA 2022 (Korea JoonAng Daily; Sep 20, 2022)

MediaTek to mass produce HPC chips with CoWoS tech in 2023 (DigiTimes; Sep 19, 2022)

Improving Redistribution Layers For Fan-Out Packages And SiPs (Semiconductor Engineering; Sep 15, 2022)

Advanced packaging: Strong momentum pushed by the giants (Electronic Engineering Journal; Sep 12, 2022)

JW Insights: The chiplet tech may serve as a new opportunity for China to address its IC self-sufficiency, but is unlikely to solve its advanced chip manufacturing predicament (; Sep 12, 2022)

EV Group Revolutionizes 3D Integration from Advanced Packaging to Transistor Scaling with NanoCleave Layer Release Technology (3D InCites; Sep 12, 2022)

Intel Breaks Ground on Two Ohio Chip Manufacturing Sites (Datanami; Sep 9, 2022)

Chiplets and Sustainability (3D InCites; Sep 8, 2022)

IFTLE 532: Fraunhofer IZM Examines Panel Level Processing Technology Limits (3D InCites; Sep 8, 2022)

US wants to give global chipmakers a 25% tax credit on new fabs (The Register; Sep 6, 2022)

Intel PC Processors Move to Chiplets (Tech Insights; Sep 6, 2022)

US semiconductor industry has a lot of ideas about where CHIPS Act money should go (The Register; Sep 2, 2022)

IFTLE 531: CHIPS and Science Act; TSMC Phoenix; Details on Apple M1 (3D InCites; Aug 29, 2022)

Intel Enters a New Era of Chiplets that will Change Everything (ServerTheHome; Aug 26, 2022)

R&D and Smart Technology Leading the Way in China (3D InCites; Aug 25, 2022)

IFTLE 530: Do Chiplets Increase Security Risks? Sony and Samsung Battle for Leadership in CIS (3D InCites; Aug 23, 2022)

Intel wants to achieve 1 trillion transistors on a package by 2030 using chiplets (TechSpot; Aug 23, 2022)

Amcor Buys World-Class Scalable Flexible Packaging Plant in Central Europe (Ink World Magazine; Aug. 23, 2022)

Intel Details 3D Chip Packaging Tech for Meteor Lake, Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake (Tom's Hardware; Aug 22, 2022)

Why Stacking Chips Like Pancakes Could Mean a Huge Leap for Laptops (CNET; Aug 22, 2022)

Hybrid Bonding Basics: What Is Hybrid Bonding? (Semiconductor Engineering; Aug 18, 2022)

Fan-Out Packaging Gets Competitive (Semiconductor Engineering; Aug 18, 2022)

Heterogeneous IC Packaging: Optimizing Performance And Cost (Semiconductor Engineering; Aug 18, 2022)

A Novel Photosensitive Permanent Bonding Material Designed For Polymer/Metal Hybrid Bonding Applications (Semiconductor Engineering; Aug 18, 2022)

World’s first 51.2 Tbit/s Ethernet switch chip plans chiplet optical version (eeNews Europe; Aug 16, 2022)

Exclusive CEO Interview: Latest Funding Drives Ventana’s First RISC-V Chiplets in Data Centers (EE Times; Aug 15, 2022)

IFTLE 529: More Hybrid Bonding from ECTC 2022 (3D InCites; Aug 15, 2022)

Italy close to securing $5bn Intel semiconductor packaging and assembly plant (Data Center Dynamics; Aug 8, 2022)

DARPA Seeks Research for Planning Microelectronics R&D Center (GovCon Wire; Aug 8, 2022)

Intel close to deal for semiconductor plant in Italy (The Register; Aug 5, 2022)

NVIDIA Joins Push to Create Standard Chiplet Interconnect (Electronic Design; Aug 3, 2022)

Avery Introduces Chiplet Verification IP (EE Times; Aug 1, 2022)

Scaling, Advanced Packaging, Or Both (Semiconductor Engineering; Aug 1, 2022)

IFTLE 528: 72nd IEEE ECTC: A Showcase for Hybrid Bonding (3D InCites; Aug 1, 2022)

What does the Passing of the CHIPS and Science Act Mean for Advanced Packaging? (3D InCites; Jul 28, 2022)

SkyWater foundry plans $1.8 billion Indiana wafer fab (eeNews Analog; Jul 25, 2022)

U.S. Chip Packaging With Mil-Spec Precision (Semiconductor Engineering; Jul 21, 2022)

Heterogenous Integration Creating New IP Opportunities (Semiconductor Engineering; Jul 19, 2022)

IFTLE 527: 2nm Chips Scheduled for 2025; Advanced Packaging Becoming More Powerful Industry Segment (3D InCites; Jul 19, 2022)

SEM Aims to Become One of Global Top 3 Package Substrate Producers (Business Korea; Jul 18, 2022)

US company Micron scouts for a spot for semiconductor packaging factory (The Economic Times; Jul 14, 2022)

Maskless Lithography Addresses Shift Toward Heterogeneous Integration and 3D Packaging (3D InCites; Jul 12, 2022)

ECTC 2022: Amazing In-person Packaging Community Participation! (3D InCites; Jul 11, 2022)

Security Risks Widen With Commercial Chiplets (Semiconductor Engineering; Jul 7, 2022)

Samsung Launches Semiconductor Packaging Task Force (Business Korea; Jul 4, 2022)

Why Chiplets aren’t your Grandparents MCMs and Other Takeaways from IMAPS Advanced SiP 2022 (3D InCites; Jun 28, 2022)

Circuit Editing Evolves to Meet Semiconductor Needs (Electronic Design; Jun 28, 2022)

IFTLE 525: Activity at ASE, Amkor, Yole Développement and Adeia (Xperi) (3D InCites; Jun 27, 2022)

AMD suggests a Ryzen-like design for RDNA 3 chiplets would be 'a reasonable inference' (PC Gamer; Jun 24, 2022)

Chiplet Technology Helps Integrate Advanced Computing Platforms (Electronic Design; Jun 21, 2022)

IFTLE 524: IMAPS Examines the Dept. of Defense SHIP Program (3D InCites; Jun 21, 2022)

Fully integrated voltage regulator for 3D chiplet packages (eeNews Europe; Jun 20, 2022)

Modular AMD Chips to Embrace Custom 3rd Party Chiplets (Tom's Hardware; Jun 17, 2022)

Marvell Throws Hat Into Intel's Universal Chiplet Interconnect Ring (The Next Platform; Jun 13, 2022)

Intel's first chiplet CPUs promise 20% higher frequencies at the same power level as Alder Lake (PC Gamer; Jun 13, 2022)

IFTLE 522: TSMC’s Morris Chang on US On-Shoring: Is Huawei Using Packaging to Avoid US Sanctions? (3D InCites; Jun 7, 2022)

Keeping IC Packages Cool (Semiconductor Engineering; Jun 7, 2022)

Tech war: China experts at odds over role of 'chiplets' in helping achieve goal of semiconductor self-sufficiency (Yahoo Finance; Jun 3, 2022)

Ayar Labs Partners with Nvidia for Optical I/O Chiplets (EE Times; Jun 1, 2022)

Who Benefits From Chiplets, And When (Semiconductor Engineering; May 31, 2022)

Ayar Labs, NVIDIA team to apply optical I/O to artificial intelligence/HPC (Techregister; May 26, 2022)

Standardizing Chiplet Interconnects (Semiconductor Engineering; May 23, 2022)

Metaverse concepts boost demand for IC packaging equipment, says K&S executive (DigiTimes; May 20, 2022)

IFTLE 520: Intel Responds to the Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (3D InCites; May 18, 2022)

Five Key Workflows that Deliver 3D IC Packaging Success (3D InCites; May 17, 2022)

The memory industry (6): When line between memory and logic IC becomes blurred (DigiTimes; May 16, 2022)

Development of Innovative Advanced Packaging Materials for System in Package (3D InCites; May 12, 2022)

Understanding Wafer Applications in Surface Metrology (3D InCites; May 9, 2022)

Tata Electronics set for semiconductor packaging foray (Economic Times; May 3, 2022)

Intel's Meteor Lake Chip for 2023 PCs Is Up and Running Today (CNET; Apr 29, 2022) Labs raises $130m for optical chiplets (eeNews Europe; Apr 27, 2022)

IFTLE 518: Apple M1 UltraFusion Technology (3D InCites; Apr 25, 2022)

AMD moving to dual-chiplets (Fudzilla; Apr 25, 2022)

Paving The Way To Chiplets (Semiconductor Engineering; Apr 25, 2022)

AMD's high-performance motherboard chipsets might be built out of chiplets (Verified News Explorer Network; Apr 25, 2022)

d-Matrix Gets Funding to Build SRAM ‘Chiplets’ for AI Inference (Enterprise AI; Apr 20, 2022)

As Classic Moore’s Law Dims, Heterogeneous Integration Steps Into the Limelight (EE Times; Apr 20, 2022)

Innovative Interconnects: The Future of Chiplet-based Processors? (All About Circuits; Apr 18, 2022)

Strategies to deal with the semiconductor shortage (McKinsey & Company; Apr 15, 2022)

IFTLE 517: Chiplet Standardization Closer than ever with UCIe (3D InCites; Apr 13, 2022)

Silicon Lifecycle Management’s Growing Impact On IC Reliability (Semiconductor Engineering; Apr 12, 2022)

Huawei files for semiconductor packaging patent to ease effects of US trade ban (Giz Guide; Apr 11, 2022)

AMD EPYC Genoa Pictured: 12 CPU Chiplets For 96 Zen 4 Cores (Tom's Hardware; Apr 9, 2022)

Chiplets Get a Formal Standard with UCIe 1.0 (EE Times; Apr 8, 2022)

Chinese telecoms giant Huawei pushes semiconductor packaging innovation to ease disruptions caused by US chip sanctions (South China Morning Post; Apr 7, 2022)

Considerations in Power Amplifier Package Design (3D InCites; Apr 6, 2022)

Boost for chiplet standards group (eeNews Europe; Apr 4, 2022)

Huawei explores IC product breakthroughs through advanced packaging and optimizing system architecture (; Apr 1, 2022)

Chiplet Design Hopes to Rise Up as a Contender for Sidestepping Moore’s Law (All About Circuits; Mar 28, 2022)

Supply shortage of lead frame packaging products drives price increase, and Chinese manufacturers react by increasing production (; Mar 28, 2022)

Samsung, LG expand chip business with next-generation substrate tech (The Korea Times; Mar 22, 2022)

Chiplets Emerge to Package Multiple Functions (Design News; Mar 21, 2022)

Samsung Electro-Mechanics invests in capacity expansion (Korea JoongAng Daily; Mar 21, 2022)

Chiplets Enter The Supercomputer Race (Semiconductor Engineering; Mar 17, 2022)

2022 IMAPS DPC: Back and Better Than Ever (3D InCites; Mar 15, 2022)

IFTLE 514: Putting Your Money Where your Mouth Is! (3D InCites; Mar 14, 2022)

Tech Giants Form Consortium to Standardize On Chiplet Interfaces (Design News; Mar 15, 2022)

Fundamental Shifts In IC Manufacturing Processes (Semiconductor Engineering; Mar 14, 2022)

Samsung expands semiconductor 'package process organization' (Korea IT News; Mar 14, 2022)

Building a Chiplet Ecosystem (Electronic Design; Mar 10, 2022)

Apple's M1 Ultra Shows the Future of Computer Chips (CNET; Mar 10, 2022)

Apple goes to 2.5D for 114bn transistor M1 Ultra (eeNews Europe; Mar 9, 2022)

IFTLE 513: The IPC NA Advanced Packaging Ecosystem Gap Assessment (3D InCites; Mar 9, 2022)

China May Win in AI Computing (EE Times Asia; Mar 7, 2022)

Samsung, TSMC, Intel to form a chip stacking consortium (Techwire Asia; Mar 7, 2022)

Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe) Announced: Setting Standards For The Chiplet Ecosystem (Anandtech; Mar 2, 2022)

India has lot of opportunities in semiconductor, ESDM space: Rajeev Chandrasekhar (MSN; Feb 28, 2022)

Behind Intel’s HPC Chip that Will Pierce the Exascale Barrier (IEEE Spectrum; Feb 25, 2022)

RISC-V AI Chips Will Be Everywhere (IEEE Spectrum; Feb 24, 2022)

Intel’s Ponte Vecchio And AMD’s Zen 3 Show The Promise Of Advanced Semiconductor Packaging Technology (Forbes; Feb 22, 2022)

Thermal Management Implications For Heterogeneous Integrated Packaging (Semiconductor Engineering; Feb 17, 2022)

Gelsinger’s grand strategy—leave no socket behind (John Peddie Research; Feb 17, 2022)

Advanced packaging: the solution to the “memory bottleneck” problem? (Yole Developpement; Feb 15, 2022)

Intel Launches $1 Billion Fund to Build a Foundry Innovation Ecosystem (Tech Times; Feb 8, 2022)

Intel joins RISC-V, teams on foundry IP (eeNews Automotive; Feb 7, 2022)

Next-Gen 3D Chip/Packaging Race Begins (Semiconductor Engineering; Jan 31, 2022)

IFTLE 510: DNP Glass Interposer; Samsung/Amkor team for H-Cube (3D InCites; Jan 26, 2022)

TSMC reportedly to build new advanced packaging fab in southern Taiwan (DigiTimes Asia; Jan 24, 2022)

IFTLE 509: IEEE 3DIC 2021 – Glass Embedding and 3D Retinal Prosthesis (3D InCites; Jan 20, 2022)

How Low Cost Can Chiplets Go? Depends on the Optimization, says AMD's CEO Dr. Lisa Su (AnandTech; Jan 14, 2022)

Niching expects IC packaging materials growth momentum to continue in 2022 (DigiTimes Asia; Jan 14, 2022)

Setting Ground Rules For 3D-IC Designs (Semiconductor Engineering; Jan 12, 2022)

Purdue-SRC partner in pursuit of advanced microelectronics, semiconductor workforce (Purdue University; Jan 11, 2022)

American Semiconductor Is Taking A Step Towards U.S. Domestic Chip Packaging (Forbes; Jan 9, 2022)

AMD CEO Lisa Su talks cheaper GPUs, Intel competition, 3D chiplets (Venture Beat; Jan 7, 2022)

Expanding Advanced Packaging Production In The U.S. (Semiconductor Engineering; Jan 5, 2022)

ITRI Taiwan Establishes Heterogeneous Integration Chip-let System Package Alliance (Open Gov Asia; Jan 3, 2022)

Taiwan testing and analysis companies stand out in 3D chiplet, third-gen semiconductors (DigiTimes Asia; Dec 29, 2021)

Applied Materials, IME Extend Hybrid Bonding Research (EE Times; Dec 28, 2021)

Centre expects chipmakers to start local production in 2-3 years (The Times of India; Dec 22, 2021)

Dow to showcase new silicone technologies for advanced semiconductor packaging at SEMICON Taiwan 2021 (DigiTimes Asia; Dec 20, 2021)

Next Steps For Panel-Level Packaging (Semiconductor Engineering; Dec 20, 2021)

Intel to invest $7 billion in new plant in Malaysia, creating 9,000 jobs (CNBC; Dec 15, 2021)

Intel is investing $7 billion to improve its semiconductor packaging (; Dec 13, 2021)

Benefits of 3D-SOC design and backside interconnects for future high-performance systems (Tech Xplore; Dec 13, 2021)

Intel shows research for faster, smaller chips beyond 2025 (Communications Today; Dec. 13, 2021)

IFTLE 504: YMTC Implements Hybrid Bonding for 128-Layer 3D NAND (3D InCites; Dec 6, 2021)

Advanced Packaging For Automotive Chips (Semiconductor Engineering; Dec. 2, 2021)

CyberOptics to Deliver Technical Presentation About the Importance of 3D Inspection for Advanced Packaging at SEMICON Taiwan (Yahoo Finance; Nov 29, 2021)

Advanced Packaging Shifts Design Focus To System Level (Semiconductor Engineering; Nov 23, 2021)

Intel Shows Off Next-Gen Chips at Fab 42 (Extreme Tech; Nov 22, 2021)

Achieving Success In Automotive Leadframe Packages (Semiconductor Engineering; Nov 22, 2021)

A Broad Look Inside Advanced Packaging (Semiconductor Engineering; Nov 18, 2021)

EV Group Brings High-Speed High-Precision Metrology To 3D Heterogeneous Integration (Yahoo Finance; Nov 15, 2021)

Samsung Electronics Comes up with Innovative Semiconductor Packaging Solution (Business Korea; Nov 12, 2021)

Samsung teams for next gen chiplet packaging (eeNews Europe; Nov 12, 2021)

Chip Package Co-Design And Physical Verification For Heterogeneous Integration (Semiconductor Engineering; Nov 12, 2021)

TechSearch International’s Analysis Shows Surge in Fan-Out and Embedded Bridge for High Performance Packaging (3D InCites; Nov 10, 2021)

IFTLE 502: Are Samsung and Intel challenging TSMC Dominance? AMAT Positions Itself in Advanced Packaging (3D InCites; Nov 8, 2021)

Purdue to host Microelectronics and Advanced Packaging Workforce Development workshop on Friday, Nov. 12 (WBIW; Nov 8, 2021)

Chiplets may have to prove themselves for secure operation (Tech Design Forum; Nov 8, 2021)

AMD's next-gen RDNA GPUs could have 3D Infinity Cache technology (TweakTown; Nov 8, 2021)

IFTLE 501: A Look at the Semiconductor Supply Chain and More from the HI Summit (3D InCites; Nov 1, 2021)

UCLA CHIPS Commences Partnership with Leading Semiconductor Industry Groups in Taiwan (UCLA Samueli School of Engineering; Oct 29, 2021)

Scaling Bump Pitches In Advanced Packaging (Semiconductor Engineering; Oct 25, 2021)

Design Planning and Optimization for 3D and 2.5D Packaging (; Oct 25, 2021)

The New Technology Solutions For Advanced SiP Devices (Semiconductor Engineering; Oct 21, 2021)

What’s Next For Transistors And Chiplets (Semiconductor Engineering; Oct 21, 2021)

Intel unveils its multi-chiplet Sapphire Rapids CPU with HBM (Techzine Europe; Oct 18, 2021)

Apple Will Introduce M1X Chiplet Technology On Monday (architosh; Oct 17, 2021)

Chiplet: Are You Ready For Next Semiconductor Revolution? (SemiWiki; Oct 17, 2021)

14,336 ARM cores in chiplet-based waferscale AI engine (eeNews Europe; Oct 15, 2021)

IFTLE 500: We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby! (3D InCites; Oct 14, 2021)

Panel Level Packaging Consortium 2.0 Gains Ground (3D InCites; Oct 12, 2021)

PCB And IC Technologies Meet In The Middle (Semiconductor Engineering; Oct 12, 2021)

Samsung's next-gen chip technology delayed until 2022 (CNET; Oct 8, 2021)

Unified 3D-IC platform boosts chiplet system design (eeNews Europe; Oct 7, 2021)

IFTLE 499: SEMI Heterogeneous Integration Summit Part 1 (3D InCites; Oct 7, 2021)

Fan-Out And Packaging Challenges (Semiconductor Engineering; Oct 6, 2021)

The 3D Era is Upon Us (3D InCites; Oct 6, 2021)

Malaysia's help needed to ease global chip shortage, Taiwan says (Reuters; Oct 1, 2021)

IFTLE 498: Sapphire Rapids – Intel Chiplet Architecture Begins (3D InCites; Sep 30, 2021)

Understanding the Nuances of Chiplet Design (3D InCites; Sep 29, 2021)

Chiplet Strategy is Key to Addressing Compute Density Challenges (EE Times; Sep 28, 2021)

The World’s Automakers Buckle Up for More Chip Turmoil Ahead (Bloomberg; Sep 27, 2021)

Next year's iPhone 14 could be the first smartphone to use TSMC's new packaging platform (PhoneArena; Sep 24, 2021)

IFTLE 497: Ajinomoto Expands Materials Offerings; BESI readies for Chiplet Era (3D InCites; Sep 22, 2021)

Taiwan, U.S. Cooperate on AI Chip Development (OpenGov Asia; Sep 20, 2021)

Challenges With Chiplets And Packaging (Semiconductor Engineering; Sep 15, 2021)

How to Build a Better Chiplet Packaging to Extend Moore’s Law (Design News; Sep 13, 2021)

Why MEMS and Sensors are Important in Europe (EE Times Europe; Sep 13, 2021)

Applied Materials Introduces New Technologies and Capabilities for Accelerating the Semiconductor Industry’s Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap (Electronics Journal; (Sep 13, 2021)

X-Fab teams for 3D stack technology (eeNews Europe; Sep 7, 2021)

IFTLE 496 Siemens – Chiplets are the New Generation of SiP (3D InCites; Sep 7, 2021)

ML/AI in Semiconductor Packaging and Electronics Manufacturing (3D InCites; Aug 30, 2021)

Chiplet-Based Advanced Packaging Technology From 3D/TSV To FOWLP/FHE (Semiconductor Engineering; Aug 27, 2021)

Intel chosen to develop US foundry ecosystem at 1.8nm (EE News Analog; Aug 23, 2021)

Inside Intel’s Ambitious Roadmap (Semiconductor Engineering; Aug 23, 2021)

How Can We Tap into $52 Billion to Reshore Advanced Packaging? (3D InCites; Aug 23, 2021)

AMD details its 3D packaging technology at Hot Chips 33 (Overlock3D; Aug 23, 2021)

Intel Brings Chiplets to Data Center CPUs (EE Times Asia; Aug 20, 2021)

Ultra-Small Fan-Out Packaging Solution (Semiconductor Engineering; Aug 19, 2021)

Current And Future Packaging Trends (Semiconductor Engineering; Aug 19, 2021)

Heterogeneous integration key to future integrated-photonics growth (Bits & Chips; Aug 16, 2021)

Production Testing For Silicon Photonics Wafers (Semiconductor Engineering; Aug 10, 2021)

Advanced power electronics packaging (Power Electronic Tips; Aug 9, 2021)

Packaging options and advances for digital ICs (Microcontroller Tips, Aug 5, 2021)

Extremely Large Exposure Field W/Fine Resolution Lithography Tech To Enable Next-Gen Panel Level Advanced Packaging (Semiconductor Engineering; Aug 5, 2021)

IFTLE 493: TSMC Considering Chip Packaging in Japan; US “On Shoring” Report Issued (3D InCites; Aug 3, 2021)

System-in-Package industry will reach more than $19B by 2026 (Elettronica Plus; Aug 2, 2021)

In major move, Intel to build Qualcomm chips, full production by 2025 (Malaysia Sun; Jul 30, 2021)

New SEMI Europe Summit to Highlight 3D, MEMS and Image Sensors Technology Trends Driving Innovation (Global SMT & Packaging; Jul 30, 2021)

Intel has a new architecture roadmap and a plan to retake its chipmaking crown in 2025 (The Verge; Jul 26, 2021)

Autonomous Vehicles Drive AI Advances for Edge Computing (3D InCites; Jul 22, 2021)

Intel teases plan to speed up chip advancements (The Verge; Jul 22, 2021)

IFTLE 492: Will Intel Acquire GlobalFoundries? Intel/IBM R&D Partnership (3D InCites; Jul 21, 2021)

Advanced Packaging Technologies Overcoming the Memory System Performance and Capacity Limitation (EE Times; Jul 21, 2021)

The Need For Open Molded Plastic Packages (Semiconductor Engineering; Jul 22, 2021)

Packaging Technology Needs Of Automotive Radar Sensors Chips (Semiconductor Engineering; Jul 22, 2021)

What About Mask Rule Checking For Curvilinear Photomasks? (Semiconductor Engineering; Jul 22, 2021)

TSMC to Invest in Japan (Business Korea; Jul 19, 2021)

Chiplets to need digital twins for reliability (Tech Design Forum; Jul 15, 2021)

IFTLE 491: IBM Simplifies Si Bridge Technology (3D InCites; Jul 12, 2021)

A*STAR Forms Chip Packaging Consortium For 5G (Compound Semiconductor; Jul 9, 2021)

Huawei unit signs chip supply chain deal with domestic partner (China Economic Review; Jul 7, 2021)

China semiconductor sector braces for Malaysia lockdown (DIGITIMES Asia; Jul 1, 2021)

The first commercially scalable integrated laser and microcomb on a single chip (Science Daily; Jul 1, 2021)

Thailand offers perks to draw semiconductor, digital investments (Reuters; Jun 30, 2021)

Cadence and Presto Engineering collaborate on IC packaging (New Electronics; Jun 25, 2021)

IFTLE 489: AMAT Addresses Hybrid Bonding; DECA M-Series Continues to Develop (3D InCites; Jun 24, 2021)

Bumps Vs. Hybrid Bonding For Advanced Packaging (Semiconductor Engineering; Jun 23, 2021)

TSMC eyes 3D chip packaging edge in Japan (Asia Times; Jun 21, 2021)

Taiwan and the United States to Accelerate Investment in Advanced Packaging (Korea IT News; Jun 21, 2021)

Fan-Out Packaging Options Grow (Semiconductor Engineering; Jun 17, 2021)

IFTLE 488: Nepes Readies Commercialization of mPoP Technology (3D InCites; Jun 15, 2021) 

TSMC mulls US packaging plant (Taipei Times; Jun 14, 2021)

TSMC Rumored Again To Expand U.S. Chip Facility Plans By Adding New Plant (Wccftech; Jun 11, 2021)

China must pursue chip assembly, packaging breakthroughs to catch up with semiconductor leaders, experts say (South China Morning Post; Jun 9, 2021)

AMD unveils 3D chipset developed with Taiwan’s TSMC (Intellasia; Jun 4, 2021)

IFTLE 487: Yole Développement Reviews the Advanced Packaging Market (3D InCites; Jun 2, 2021)

AMD presents 3D chipset developed jointly with TSMC (DIGITIMES Asia; Jun 2, 2021)

AMD triples Zen 3 CPU cache using 3D stacking technology (Ars Technica; Jun 1, 2021)

AMD's bringing the 3D packaging revolution to gamers, and it is transformative (OC3D; June 1, 2021)

Hybrid Bonding Bridges the Technology Gap (3D InCites; May 27, 2021)

The Increasingly Uneven Race To 3nm/2nm (Semiconductor Engineering; May 24, 2021)

Advanced Packaging’s Next Wave (Semiconductor Engineering; May 20, 2021)

Trends in Semiconductor Manufacturing: Wafer-Level Packaging (3D InCites; May 18, 2021)

IFTLE 485: TSMC, Samsung and Sony Showcase Advanced Packaging at 2021 IEEE ISSCC (3D InCites; May 17, 2021)

Chiplets: A Solution For The Shortage Of Chips (Semiconductor Engineering; May 13, 2021)

Samsung advances chip packaging technology (Varinda; May 10, 2021)

Samsung Electronics : Announces Availability of Its Next Generation 2.5D Integration Solution 'I-Cube4' for High-Performance Applications (Market Screener; May 10, 2021)

Samsung Electronics Develops Next-generation Semiconductor Packaging Technology (Business Korea; May 7, 2021)

Die-to-Wafer Bonding Steps into the Spotlight on a Heterogeneous Integration Stage (3D InCites; May 6, 2021)

Intel to invest $3.5 billion in Rio Rancho (Fudzilla; May 4, 2021)

IFTLE 484: Massively Parallel Pick-and-Place Assembly from the X-Men (3D InCites; May 3, 2021)

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