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Technology inflections such as 5G wireless, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing, and machine learning are driving the long-term demand for the chip industry. SEMI Smart Initiatives facilitate innovation and foster collaboration across the global electronics design and manufacturing supply chain around fast-growing vertical market segments including Mobility, Manufacturing, Data-AI, and MedTech.

Self Driving Car 370 px

SMART Mobility

The Smart Mobility initiative brings together a community of semiconductor and automotive companies and their suppliers to identify and address technical issues and supply chain dynamics that are best addressed collectively. Participation helps you drive innovation in the autonomous, electric, connected, and shared mobility market which is projected to grow at a CAGR of 20+%, more than twice the total semiconductor market.



The Smart Manufacturing Initiative is targeted at the fab owners and their suppliers to improve their processes and optimize the connecting, sensing, and predicting power brought by the enhanced analytics. This initiative seeks to clear the barriers to adoption and speed ROI in tools, processes, software, and people to take your facility to the next level of quality. On average companies see gains of 30% in direct labor costs, a 15% increase in productivity.



The Smart Data-AI Initiative provides a platform to accelerate AI adoption across the microelectronics industry and help members capture $10 Trillion  worth of economic opportunity this decade. This initiative provides access to global educational forums, collaborative platforms, and standards activities to facilitate the best-known methods for implementing AI technologies in semiconductor operations.

smart medical


The Smart MedTech initiative synchronizes the semiconductor and medical device supply chains to promote valuable interactions and identify technology gaps through R&D funding programs, global SEMICON platforms, gaps analysis workshops, and education initiatives. Participation can help you accelerate collective solutions and capture the revenue opportunity from the exponential growth of the Smart MedTech sector – which is forecasted to see a CAGR of 26% through 2026.