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News about SEMI-FlexTech

SEMI FlexTech Announces 2023 FLEXI Award Winners for Outstanding Achievements in Flexible Electronics, July 13, 2023

SEMI FlexTech Invites Proposals for Flexible Hybrid Electronics Innovation May 15,  2023

SEMI FlexTech Funds 5 New R&D Projects for Flexible Hybrid Electronics January 17, 2022

FLEX to Co-Locate with SEMICON West in 2022 Nov 3, 2021

Virtual FLEX Conference 2021 Opens With Leading-Edge Innovations to Make the World Safer  Feb 22, 2021

SEMI Launches World's First Flexible Hybrid Electronics Standards Technical Committee to Promote Industry Growth August 17, 2020

Soft Robotics, Sensor Design, Foldable Microdisplay – SEMI FlexTech Launches Three New Projects to Advance Flexible Hybrid Electronics June 29, 2020

New SEMI-NBMC, GE Research Project to Advance Vital Signs Monitoring of Patients During Emergency Air Transport June 22, 2020

SEMI FlexTech Invites Proposals for Funding Flexible Hybrid Electronics Advancements June 10, 2020

SEMI-FlexTech Announces 2020 FLEXI Awards Winners for Outstanding Achievements in Flexible Hybrid Electronics February 27, 2020

FLEX and MSTC 2020 Open Today as Flexible Hybrid Electronics Drive Next Wave of Smart MEMS and Sensors February 24, 2020

SEMI-FlexTech Launches Six New Projects to Accelerate Flexible Hybrid Electronics Innovation February 3, 2020

FLEX and MSTC 2020 to Showcase Flexible Hybrid Electronics, MEMS and Sensors Innovations for More Personalized Applications December 16, 2020

Tour De Force: Sweat Patch Takes A Licking, Keeps on Sticking September 11, 2019 

AI Needs Printed Electronics for Sensor Arrays December 27, 2018

AFRL-led patches make 'sense' of sweat April 17, 2018

No Sweat! New Sensor Patch Helps Prevent Dehydration April 9, 2018

The Opportunities for Flexible Electronics  March 22, 2018

Non-Traditional Chips Gaining Steam March 15, 2018

FLEX2018 Shows how 3D Printed Electronics Will Impact Our Lives February 28, 2018

SEMI Showcases Achievements in Flexible Hybrid Electronics, MEMS and Sensors at 2018FLEX and MSTC Conferences February 26, 2018

FLEX 2018: Flexible Arduino? Flexible Hybrid Electronics Reaches a New Milestone February 15, 2018

FLEX2018: NASA Updates its Roadmap for the In-Space Manufacturing Program February 13, 2018

FLEX 2018: Brewer Science Launches End-to-End Printed Electronics Service February 13, 2018

2018 FLEXI awards innovation and leadership in flexible hybrid electronics February 13, 2018

Sensors in fashion could change the $3 trillion industry and unlock the powered clothing revolution January 31, 2018

FlexTech Announces Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Benchmark Study January 22, 2018

2018FLEX highlights opportunities, advances in flexible hybrid electronics January 18, 2018

"Materials to Markets" for Flexible Hybrid Electronics January 16, 2018


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