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VIDEO: The Impact of Flexible and Printed Electronics
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FHE Standards Update

During FLEX2021 Dr. Steven Huang of AiQ Smart Clothing and Chair of the SEMI Taiwan FHE Technical Committee, provided this update on the SEMI FHE Standards activity. Learn about other SEMI Standards that impact FHE.

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Flexible & Foldable Display Market and Technology Update
Manufacturing a Flexible Version of an Arduino® Microcontroller Board
Overview of the 5G New Radio Physical Layer
SEMI-FlexTech 2019 Focused Solicitation

Flexible Electronics Technical Library

Flexible Electronics Standards
Master Class #1: Flexible Power Sources: Challenges, Progress & Integration
Master Class #2: AI in ThinFilm Manufacturing
Master Class #3: Hybrid Integration Techniques for FHE
Master Class #4: Reliability for FHE Production