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SEMI Global Update is a weekly e-newsletter that highlights key microelectronics industry developments, market and technology trends, and SEMI initiatives designed to help fuel innovation and industry growth. Topics covered include public policy, workforce development, diversity and inclusion, standards, EHS, events, smart manufacturing and mobility. 

SEMI Global Update

SEMI offers three versions of SEMI Global Update highlighting news and information specific to the Americas, Europe and the World. (Note: All four editions contain global news.)

Please know that your privacy is important. SEMI will not use or disclose any of your private information unless you specifically allow us to do so.

For more information, visit the SEMI Privacy Policy.

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SEMI Global Update 2024 Archive

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SEMI Global Update 2021 Archive

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SEMI Global Update 2019 Archive

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2018 Letter from the President

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SEMI Global Update 2017 Archive

2017 Letter from the President

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