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Accelerating SOI and Advanced Substrates Awareness and Growth

We are the leading industry organization representing the complete SOI based microelectronics value chain

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Join a strategic neutral platform for collaboration and interface with peers, partners and customers. Engage at leadership and networking events.

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Thought Leadership

Exchange with peers and leverage executive-level opportunities to share best practices and gain valuable visibility at global leadership and technical forums.

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Learn and stay updated on the latest trends. news and topics affecting the SOI industry. Attend technical worshops led by industry experts.


  • Promoting customer awareness of advanced substrates in meeting the semiconductor industry expectations in product quality and value.
  • Building the ecosystem for designing and manufacturing semiconductors on SOI and other advanced wafers.
  • Acquiring market information and statistics about the industry and the semiconductor market.
  • Promoting cooperative efforts between SOIIC member companies to solve common problems.
  • Promoting participation in the SEMI International Standards Program particularly on the creation and adoption of standards around the design, manufacturing and usage of advanced substrates
  • Promoting participation in planning activities for SEMI exhibits, seminars and all other events connected with the industry.
SEMI SOI Consortium Members
SOI News
Member Only Information

Consortium Management

The SOI Industry Consortium is led by a Governing Council, composed of representatives from CEA-Leti, GlobalFoundries (Vice Chair), GlobalWafers, Incize, NXP, Okmetic, Qualcomm, Samsung, ShinEtsu, Simgui, Soitec (Chair), STMicroelectronics, Synopsys and Verisilicon. The Council meets several times a year to guide the activities for the Consortium.

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General SOIIC Membership

General SOIIC Membership is available to any SEMI Member in good standing, who wishes to participate more actively in SOIIC activities, such as sit on a committee. As well, General members receive invitations and discounts to SOIIC events, access to previous event presentations and consideration to serve on the Governing Council. Express your company interest by contacting Heidi Hoffman at, and designating a representative.

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SEMI SOI Consortium Staff

To contact anyone on staff, please email

Heidi Hoffman

Executive Director, SOI Industry Consortium

Melissa Grupen-Shemansky

SEMI CTO, VP Technology Communities

Eric Thoe

Sr. Director, Membership