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A collection of thought leadership content and informative resources on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. A diverse and inclusive workforce enables increases in innovation, profitability, valuations, thought diversity, and employee morale. Discover how to create an inclusive workplace culture that brings the best ideas to the table, optimizes team performance, and creates a sense of belonging among employees.

Diversity podcast series

Podcasts and Webinars


Blogs, Articles & Resources


Industry Leader in Diversity and Inclusion Award


European Advisory Council for Diversity and Inclusion

The SEMI European Advisory Council for Diversity and Inclusion provides guidance:

• Development and validation of the regional implementation of diversity and inclusion initiatives undertaken by SEMI.
• Strategy, prioritization, scope, and desired outcomes to ensure faster time-to-better business results for the industry.

DEIB activities and policies rely on the insights, knowledge, and expertise of those in leadership positions within our member companies to ensure our programs have maximum impact.

SEMI Talent Forum

SEMI Talent Forum

May 1, 2024 | Swansea, UK

The SEMI Talent Forum is the premier platform for university students to learn about the microelectronics industry and how technology is impacting the global workforce​.

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European Collaborative Projects

SEMI Europe is an active participant in EU-funded projects, given its global member base and its position as the voice of the microelectronics industry.

HiCONNECTS - Heterogeneous Integration for Connectivity and Sustainability

ECSA - European Chips Skills Academy

IMOCO4.E - Intelligent Motion Control under Industry4.E

SEMI Foundation

The SEMI Foundation supports workforce development in the semiconductor industry. Our charge is to dramatically expand the pipeline of talented workers ready to fill the significant workforce deficits reported by companies worldwide. We are leveraging this critical need for new and more workers as an opportunity to diversify the talent pool, benefitting both the workers and their communities, as well as the companies who hire them.


SEMI’s Roadmap to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

The SEMI Roadmap to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) includes general practices that are helpful to any organization on this journey as well as specific recommendations for SEMI.

Interested in learning more about engagement opportunities?

Contact Cassandra Melvin, Senior Director, Operations and Business Development at