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EMG Overview

EMG supply chain V2

The Electronic Materials Group (EMG) is a technology community representing SEMI member companies that provide substrates, polymers, metals, organic and inorganic materials, chemicals, and gases that are developed or in use for the manufacturing of electronics.  A subset of EMG, the Silicon Manufacturers Group (SMG) is a sub-group under the EMG unbrella.

EMG addresses the markets for electronics manufacturing including but not limited to MEMS & Sensors, semiconductors, packaging, PCB & assembly, and flexible hybrid electronics.

EMG supply chain V2

EMG: Who We Are

The purpose of the EMG is to provide a forum for aligning stakeholders and fostering discussion on pre-competitive, industry critical issues and future trends and needs including safety and environmental health. The group was formed from companies that were part of the SMG(Silicon Manufacturers Group) and the CGMG(Chemicals and Gas Manufacturers Group).

Activities include leveraging synergies with the larger materials industry for potential new programs and SEMI Standards development, acting as a voice to legislation and lobbying efforts on issues the materials industry faces and encouraging discussion of important topics that impact the industry through multiple programs throughout the year. 

The group functions as follows:

  • Maintain Strict Adherence to US Antitrust Regulations
  • Bimonthly EMG Conference Calls 
  • Regular Subcommittee Calls

To best serve the needs of its members, the EMG Technology Community has four chapters located in America, Korea, Japan, and Europe. There is also a SEMI Taiwan Materials Committee. Each chapter has subcommittees that are working on various activities that are important to that specific region.

Also, the Silicon Manufacturing Group (SMG) operates within the EMG and they consist of members who produce polycrystalline silicon, silicon on insulator (SOI), mono-crystalline silicon or silicon wafers (e.g., as cut, polished, Epi, etc.).

SMG Home

SEMI EMG Structure


EMG Webinars

EMG Webinar Series 

The EMG Technology Community plans three webinars a year that focus on important topics related to the materials industry.  The format of the webinars can have featured panel discussions, interactive presentations, and talks. The webinars always encourage a form of participation from the attendees so they can benefit from the information being shared. 

Also, previous webinars can be viewed or downloaded in the Members Only page under the Materials section found here.


EMG Webinar Archive

EMG Resources

Join EMG


Interested in becoming an EMG Member? Gain a seat in this thriving group and help promote awareness of the technical, regulatory and business issues the materials industry encounters in meeting the expectations of customers and the industry at large.

If you are already a SEMI member, but not yet a part of the Electronic Materials Group, contact Mayura Padmanabhan / Paul Trio at  

  1. To join EMG, you first have to be a SEMI member. Learn more about SEMI membership and cost of membership.
  2. Fill out our membership application.
  3. Contact your local SEMI office to speak to a representative from that region or email us with any questions at You can also reach out to Eric Rude (

•    Engage in pre-competitive collaborations to influence technology direction
•    Maximize your reach by networking with the entire SEMI member network
•    Build your brand by speaking at influential industry events around the globe
•    Join and participate in related committees and working groups within SEMI communities
•    Gain access to relevant market data information related to the electronic manufacturing industry
•    Leverage industry-wide resources to enable faster root cause analysis, containment, and problem resolution
•    Identify, develop and promote standards that enable industry productivity improvements
•    Enjoy exclusive discounts on SEMI conferences, exhibitions, market data reports, and third-party goods and services


Headquarters Staff

Paul Trio

Director, SEMI Standards & Groups

Mayura Padmanabhan

Technical Project Manager

Eric Rude

Director, Membership Services and Customer Engagement

Regional Staff


Hyun Cha
Tel: +82.2.531.7801


Laith Altimime
Tel: +49.30.3030.8077.0


Yoichiro Ando
Tel: +81.3.3222.5755


JoAnne Su
Tel: +886.560.1777