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Get involved in SEMI Technology Communities and see the network multiplier effect afforded to those who participate.  Community and committee participants explore MORE business, technical, and professional opportunities. With 4 Smart Initiatives, more than 15 Technology Communities, 150 Committees, and 15 Partner organizations, SEMI offers a wealth of opportunities for business and professional growth.  Not sure which one is for you?  Use our handy SEMI Technology Communities tool to find out.

“As a long-time member and frequent event attendee, I have found SEMI-MSIG a great place for turning new relationships into customer engagements. As a small company we find great value in the access to webinars, conference presentations and the wealth of data on the member-only websites.”
Mary Ann Maher
CEO & Co-founder, SoftMEMS


C@S laptop

An interactive online platform for SEMI technology communities members to connect, collaborate and manage their activities.

C@S laptop

SEMI Committees

SEMI manages more than 150 committees and task forces made up of industry representatives who address issues and collaborate on solutions. Join one today!

2018 SEMICON SEA Show Photo 3

Other Partners

Our partners are critical to the success of our members. We are committed to finding and teaming with partners that mesh with and compliment our members' strengths. Talented professionals bring the technical expertise to solve complex problems for our industry. SEMI partners are global and at the local, regional level. The partners listed below are the SEMI Global Partners.

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