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SEMI as an organization seeks to minimize its footprint, while leveraging its position as an Industry Connector and Conduit to accelerate Sustainability information across the ecosystem.  From individual actions to Corporate ESG impacts, SEMI is doing its part to build a more sustainable world and assist our members in meeting or exceeding their Net Zero goals.


Sustainability Programs for Members

Learn more about the SEMI Sustainability Initiative, the Semiconductor Climate Consortium and EHS programs and how to get involved.

Organizing Sustainable Events

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From choosing locations and vendors with excellent sustainability ratings, to minimizing our use of paper, SEMI strives to ensure the footprint of our events is as low as possible while providing attendees a business-conducive atmosphere.

SEMI carefully screens sites for our events and evaluate their awareness and commitments to recycling and minimizing emissions, waste and environmental impacts.  LEEDs certification is critical and connection with local conservations efforts a plus.  

SEMI recognizes that air travel is one of the largest contributors to CO2 emissions and that must be balanced with the efficiency and relationship-building that comes with face-to-face meetings and conferences.  Wherever possible SEMI encourages the use of video-conferencing and the virtual exchange of information. 

In addition, attendees at any SEMI event are encouraged to offset their travel costs by calculating their carbon footprint and offset by funding tree planting or other projects in the SEMI Forest - in partnership with Ecologi.  In some cases, e.g. SEMICON West 2023, SEMI planted a tree for each attendee who took the Sustainability Pledge.

SEMI has transitioned to digital communications as much as possible. We have mostly eliminated paper programs in favor of online apps. We have eliminated printed signage where ever possible in favor of digital directional signage, and discourage the use of one-time use packaging and giveaways.   

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Sustainability Activities for Employees and Members

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Take the SEMI Carbon Quiz to calculate your carbon footprint! A few quick questions and your receive a personalized tile. The number to handy to have as well as the information on why, how to lower it, and other resources. SEMI does not keep your personalized data, but does have access to the aggregated information.

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The SEMI Climate Equity & Social Impact Working Group working with several dedicated climate-focused youth, are piloting the SEMI PROMISE - a wholistic and practical review of actions from both the Corporate and Individual perspective. The PROMISE assists with calculating how to make the biggest impact based on your interests, your position within your organization and your personal life. SEMI uses this information to educate and involve, but also to calculate our organizational goal to impact 1 Million lives! Join us!

SEMI Forest

Kicked off at SEMICON West 2023, the SEMI Forest, in partnership with Ecologi, provides a method for compensating your (or your team’s) emissions by funding certified climate avoidance and tree planting projects. Plant trees around the world and fund a range of certified carbon avoidance project types and provides climate action on your terms. SEMI encourages our members to contribute to the SEMI Forest in recognition of your individual or team efforts.