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Grow Your Business Worldwide!

Seven regional SEMICON expositions and a comprehensive lineup of SEMI conferences and forums give you MORE access to industrybreakthroughs, trends, leaders, and partners. Throughout out the year in every major semiconductor design and manufacturing hubs around the world, SEMI’s industry-leading events connect key industry players for opportunities to collaborate, innovate and drive the future of microelectronics.

SEMI events are premier venues where the industry’s leading lights share insights into AI, IoT, 5G, machine learning, quantumcomputing and other cutting-edge technologies that are transforming the microelectronics industry and giving rise to a growing universe of smart applications.

Smart Transportation, Smart Manufacturing, Smart MedTech and other SEMI smart initiatives gather key industry players to spurinnovation that is reshaping the world. Connect with industry experts. Develop new partnerships. Discover new business opportunities.
Check our calendar for SEMI events that can help your organization grow and prosper.