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Executive Testimonials

Bobby Bell photo 575 pixel

Bobby Bell
Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer, KLA
“SEMI Workforce Development is successfully partnering with our industry to attract talent and build out the talent pipeline. KLA has been impressed by the quality of students intercepted at recent SEMI events and hopes that SEMI continues to drive talent to our industry.”
For more info, visit KLA and SEMI Workforce Development.

Klaus Buettner 575 pixel

Dr. Klaus Buettner
Executive Vice President, Development Electrics/Electronics, Audi
“With rapid advances in automotive electronics technology, semiconductors now play a critical role in innovation and product differentiation. In order to fulfill the promise of sustainable, connected-to-everything, highly automated mobility up to autonomous driving, we need to also align automotive requirements across the entire semiconductor value chain. With its global platform, SEMI is the right association to bring together supply chain stakeholders for the close collaboration critical to driving technology innovation.”
For more info, visit Audi and SEMI SMART Mobility.

Oreste Donzella photo 575 pixel

Oreste Donzella
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, KLA
"Automotive represents the fastest-growing semiconductor market. SEMI’s Smart Transportation events are vital venues, which connect industry experts from around the world to share technology developments and roadmaps, enable new automotive electronics applications, and maximize business opportunities."
For more info, visit KLA and SEMI SMART Transportation.

 Bertrand Loy Photo 575 pixel

Bertrand Loy, President and CEO, Entegris
“Entegris has been providing advanced specialty materials and leading-edge contamination control solutions to the semiconductor industry for over 50 years. As a SEMI member, we work closely with SEMI EMG (Electronic Materials Group) and SCIS (Semiconductor Components, Instruments, and Subsystems) to advance the industry roadmaps through collaboration and partnerships throughout our ecosystem.”
For more info, visit Entegris and SEMI Technology Communities.

Chuck Ciali 575 pixel

Chuck Ciali
Chief Information Officer, Teradyne
“SEMI ITL is a very valuable tool in my CIO toolbox. The regular interaction with my peers through surveys, online discussions and in person at our bi-annual CIO Forum provides industry relevant feedback on our IT strategy and initiatives. My entire IT department benefits by meeting their counterparts in other capital equipment companies and sharing experiences and learnings with each other.”
For more info, visit Teradyne.

Dan Durn 575 pixel

Dan Durn
Sr. Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Applied Materials
"Attracting, training and retaining talent is a major priority for our industry, and we applaud SEMI for taking the lead in workforce development. SEMI is in a great position to mobile the right resources and drive the success of SEMI Works, an important initiative to grow the talent pipeline."
For more info, visit Applied Materials and SEMI Workforce Development .

Aart de Geus Photo 575 pixel

Aart de Geus
Chairman and Co-CEO, Synopsys
"The ESD Alliance's strategic partnership with SEMI strengthens the critical microelectronic industry connections end-to-end, from design through manufacturing, to expand our reach through SEMI's global platforms and enable the industry to grow to its full potential."
For more info, visit Synopsys and ESD Alliance.

Luc Van de hove Photo 575 pixel

Luc Van de hove
Chief Executive Officer, imec
"imec has led the semiconductor research and development field for over 35 years and with its 600 plus partners globally, the research and innovation hub has and continues to set the course for disruptive innovations. As part of its commitment to its leading partners, imec works hard to ready the ecosystem for all these innovations. SEMI and its members are a vital part of this ecosystem and by working closely with SEMI imec strive to provide more value to its partners."
For more info, visit imec.

Hubert Lakner 575 pixel

Hubert Lakner
Executive Director, Fraunhofer
“SEMI’s global platform gives us access to the $2 trillion global electronics manufacturing and design supply chain to enable us to help drive new levels of innovation across the industry and bring new opportunities and greater value to our research partners and innovative companies around the world.”
For more info, visit Fraunhofer .

Nicky Lu 575 pixel

Nicky Lu
Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and Founder, Etron Technology
"In the next 30 to 60 years, heterogeneous integration and artificial intelligence (AI) will become ubiquitous, touching every application imaginable. Etron Technology has been an eager, active participant in SEMI initiatives and campaigns for many years, motivated by the conviction that breakthrough technologies will drive the future of the IC industry. The SEMI platform is an essential hub point where various players across the industry to connect collaborate and innovate to meet technological challenges and fulfill the infinite potential of the AI era."
For more info, visit Etron and SEMI Initiatives.

Dragos Maciuca photo 575 pixel

Dragos Maciuca
PhD, Executive Technical Director, Greenfield Labs Palo Alto, Ford Motor Company
“The automotive sector represents the fastest-growing market for new electronic systems and devices. It is important for Ford Motor Company team members to connect and work with semiconductor industry experts from around the world to maximize business opportunities, share technology developments and roadmaps, and speed new automotive electronics applications to the marketplace.”
For more info, visit Ford Greenfield Labs and SEMI SMART Transportation.

Michael McCreary photo 575pixel

Michael McCreary
Chief Innovation Officer, E Ink
"Collaboration is key in developing next-generation flexible electronics that make our lives healthier, safer and more enjoyable. The SEMI-FlexTech technology community brings key industry players together to innovate faster, including integration of E Ink’s ground-breaking flexible display solutions."
For more info, visit E Ink and SEMI FlexTech.

Becky Oh 575 pixel

Becky Oh
President and Chief Executive Officer, PNI Sensor
“Serving in a leadership role with SEMI MSIG for the past eight years has provided PNI with access to products at the cutting edge of innovation and access to top industry executives for expertise and market insights. The organization’s deep MEMS and sensors supply network has played an integral role in PNI’s successful entrance into the IoT market and will enable us to seize tremendous market opportunities ahead.”
For more info, visit PNI Sensor and SEMI MSIG.

Emmanuel Sabonnadiere 575 pixel

Emmanuel Sabonnadiere
Chief Executive Officer, CEA-Leti
“With SEMI’s global platform, we’re in a stronger position to advance cutting-edge technologies including Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning that enable new capabilities across healthcare, automotive and semiconductor manufacturing. The partnership will also help speed the time to better business results for our partners.”
For more info, visit CEA-Leti .

Simon Segars Photo 5750 pixel

Simon Segars
Chief Executive Officer, ARM
“To accelerate innovations ranging from AI to IoT, it is important for the technology sector to work together on shared challenges such as performance, efficiency, processing capacity and security. Arm is already working with a host of SEMI members on these challenges but the new partnership with the Electronic System Design Alliance will ensure agreements can happen even faster.”
For more info, visit ARM and ESD Alliance.

John Spicer 575 pixel

John Spicer
Vice President, Global Fab Operations, ON Semiconductor
“Our participation in FOA study teams including industrial engineering, facilities and human resources allows us to discuss common manufacturing challenges and benefit from non-competitive knowledge sharing that helps us improve fab efficiency and business results. Meetings of FOA, a SEMI Strategic Association Partner, are a great opportunity to meet suppliers from across the supply chain to learn about new products and services.”
For more info, visit ON Semiconductor and SEMI Fab Owners Alliance .

Doug Suerich photo 575 pixel

Doug Suerich
Product Evangelist, PeerGroup
“SEMI coordinates industry efforts to meet big challenges such as adopting traceability standards that will propel market potential in areas like automotive. I‘m proud to be part of the effort and look forward to collaborating with SEMI on the hard work yet to be done.”
For more info, visit PeerGroup and SEMI Standards.

Alan Weber Photo 575 pixel

Alan Weber
Vice President, New Product Innovations, Cimetrix
“SEMI, particularly through its Smart Manufacturing Initiative, leads the industry in exploring how Machine Learning and AI technologies will take electronics manufacturing to the next level. Additionally, SEMI standards are critical in collecting information across the factory which is the foundation for all sophisticated analysis and control algorithms.”
For more info, visit Cimetrix and SEMI SMART Manufacturing.

Lloyd Whetzel photo 575 pixel

Lloyd Whetzel
President and Chief Executive Officer, X-Fab Texas
"For X-FAB, the FOA is a vital SEMI Strategic Association Partner. FOA surveys provide us access to a level of benchmarking that we can’t get internally. They give us the opportunity to compare how we are doing against a variety of other fabs and insight into where we need to improve efficiency and performance, which is invaluable to our company – more valuable than what we pay in dues for the FOA membership! The FOA Study Teams also establish a valuable cooperative effort in a variety of areas to address common issues that we all face in semiconductor manufacturing. It is very encouraging to see the collaboration which occurs across a number of companies for our mutual benefit."
For more info, visit X-Fab and SEMI Fab Owners Alliance .

Tien Wu 575 pixel

Tien Wu
President and Chief Executive Officer, ASE Group
"The SEMI platform epitomizes collaborative opportunity for global players to come together at countless events worldwide, where dialog and activity always center around innovation and technology advancement. ASE fully supports SEMI and its work in helping our industry spark new waves of technology collaboration that achieve higher levels of heterogeneous integration and system performance, both of which are integral to emerging applications across AI, IoT, 5G and more."
For more info, visit ASE Group and SEMI and the Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap .

Zixue Zhou Photo 575 pixel

Dr. Zixue Zhou, Chairman
China Semiconductor Industry Association (CSIA)
“As a global professional semiconductor industry platform, SEMI helps to connect the industry supply chain, and promotes collaboration and innovation. In the last few years, SEMI further strengthened its service to China's semiconductor industry to connect with international technology and business partners for collaboration and innovation. SEMI is a key partner of the CSIA. SEMICON China is a successful event bringing together the world’s latest technologies and products, providing important value for the development of China's semiconductor industry including manufacturing, packaging, equipment, and materials."
For more info, visit CSIA and SEMICON China.