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eu commissionThe Pact for Skills for microelectronics is a new engagement and governance program to support Upskilling and Reskilling, to attract “new talent”, and to unlock EU and national/ regional funding. 

The Pact was launched by commissioners Breton and Schmit and represents a strong and timely signal for our microelectronics industry, recognizing the priority to create a well-skilled European workforce in microelectronics R&D, Design, and manufacturing.

Over 20 partners, Industry, R&D hubs, Education providers and NGOs have already endorsed the Pact.

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The five strategic objectives of the EU Chips Act are to Strengthen Europe’s Research and Technology leadership, to Build and Reinforce Capacity to Innovate, to Put in Place a Framework to Increase Production Capacity, to Address the Skills Shortage, and to Develop an In-Depth Understanding of the Semiconductor Supply Chains.



A strong and well-skilled Europe in the area of microelectronics, based on the of joining forces of European companies, workers, national, regional and local authorities, social partners, cross-industry and sectoral organisations, education and training providers, chambers of commerce and employment services.

Chip _Pact for skills


A European Industry, University, and Training Network to address the skills shortage, attract new talent, and support the emergence of a skilled workforce.

The Pact for Skills on Microelectronics board drafted a vision paper for discussion.

PACT FOR SKILLS - Opportunity


Recovery after covid and creating a basis for European sovereignty in the field of microelectronics. And at the same time supporting the green and digital transitions of the European Union.

PACT FOR SKILLS - challenge


To create passion and drive and connect on a European scale the organisations, institutions, countries and people who can jointly make a difference and have an impact on upskilling and reskilling of Europe in the field of microelectronics.


Laith Altimime
Laith Altimime
SEMI Europe
Patrick Bressler
Patrick Bressler
Director at Fraunhofer Microelectronics Group
Fraunhofer Gesellshaft
Francoise Chombar
Françoise Chombar
Co-founder & Chairwoman at Melexis, President at Flanders STEM-platform
Bernd Deutschmann
Bernd Deutschmann
Prof. Dipl. Ing. Dr. technology
Graz University of Technology Institute of Electronics
Christopher Frieling
Christopher Frieling
Director, Advocacy and Public Policy
SEMI Europe
Peggy Kroeninger
Peggy Kroeninger
VP Human Resources, Automotive Electronics
Robert Bosch GmbH
Laura Matz, EMD Electronics
Laura Matz
Chief Science and Technology Officer Merck KGaA
and CEO Athinia
Cassandra Melvin
Senior Director, Business Development and Operations
SEMI Europe
Henryk Schoder
Henryk Schoder
VP Human Resources
X-FAB Group
“Today, we have microchips not only in our PCs and smartphones, but also now cars, the heating system of our homes, in our hospitals, in the life-saving ventilators ...there is no digital without chips.”
European Comission
Ursula von der Leyen
The European Commission President