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The SEMI Supply Chain Management (SCM) initiative is a one-of-a-kind global platform that brings together top industry leaders to advance a more resilient and agile electronics supply chain. Through deep dives, educational forums, benchmarking, standards development, and strategic partnerships, the initiative seeks to empower members to anticipate and respond to future disruptions proactively.

Supply Chain Management Initiative

The SEMI SCM Initiative Explained

The SCM initiative leverages SEMI’s broad and deep industry reach across the value chain to proactively identify supply chain challenges and find solutions.

Supple Chain Management Global Industry Advisory Council

SCM Industry Advisory Council

The SCM IAC is a decision-making leadership council representing the electronics value chain to advance an agile and resilient global electronics supply chain.

Supply Chain Management Working Groups

SCM Working Groups

These groups will focus on pre-competitive projects identified by member companies to jointly solve problems and drive end to end supply chain excellence.

IAC Members

ASE Logo ASE Logo Supply Chain Management IAC Founding Member - ASM Supply Chain Management IAC Founding Member - Dell
Global Foundries Logo Supply Chain Management IAC Founding Member - Google Supply Chain Management IAC Founding Member - Infineon Supply Chain Management IAC Founding Member - Intel
Supply Chain Management IAC Founding Member - KLA Supply Chain Management IAC Founding Member - Merck


Resonac logo


Schneider Electric Company Logo
TSMC Logo      

Knowledge Partners


Supply Chain Management IAC Founding Member - McKinsey & Company

Strategic Partners

 Supply Chain Management IAC Founding Member - DHLGenpact logoSupply Chain Management IAC Founding Member - Resilic



“Semiconductor supply chains and supply chains containing semiconductors are global. As part of Industry Advisory Council of the SEMI Supply Chain Management Initiative, we have the ability to collectively reduce the bullwhip effect in our supply chains and mitigate future chip shortages in a sustainable way.”
Hans Ehm
Senior Principal Supply Chain Management

SEMI SCM initiative membership:

Supply Chain Management Membership image

As the global industry association representing the electronics design and manufacturing supply chain with more than 2,500 member companies, SEMI can leverage its broad and deep industry reach to develop a virtual platform to collectively identify and address pressing supply chain challenges while helping members anticipate issues and risks and proactively identify solutions across the semiconductor value chain and ecosystem.

  • Have a Supply Chain forum for just electronics companies to share best practices and benchmarks, and discuss non- or pre-competitive supply chain issues that need collective resolution
  • Leverage SEMI across the value chain in areas that may be challenging for members today to address just by themselves.Join leaders across the industry to solve problems together.
  • Collectively accelerate the adoption of SCM tools and platforms, develop strategies to address supply chain vulnerabilities and protect your businesses now and in the future.
  • Assist in developing reports, analysis and how-to guides
  • Access to member contributed blogs.

Anyone with a business or technology interest in supply chain in the end-to-end electronics ecosystem and adjacencies is invited to participate, including:

  • Material suppliers (Assembly, Chemicals & Solids, Gases, FPD, Mask Making, Process, Substrate, Test, Photovoltaic, Nanotechnology)    
  • Device manufacturers: semiconductors, MEMS, sensors, imaging systems, displays, etc.
  • Semiconductor design houses
  • Electronics manufacturing equipment, materials, and services suppliers
  • Government agencies and policy experts
  • R&D and Innovation institutes
  • Security and safety experts
  • Software developers and ISVs
  • Logistics Providers

1.    To join the SCM initiative, you first have to be a SEMI member. Learn more about SEMI membership and cost of membership
2.    Fill out our membership application.
3.    Contact your local SEMI office to speak to a representative from that region or email us with any questions at

Supply Chain Management Membership image

Tune in to the SEMICON West 2023 podcast to uncover the roots of persistent chip industry disruptions, the ties to sustainability, and how the SEMI SCM Initiative fosters a more robust, agile electronics supply chain.

2022 SEMICON Supply Chain Panel Discussion


Learn more about SEMI Supply Chain Management Initiative

For questions or inquiries about the SEMI Supply Chain Management Initiative, contact us at

Bettina Weiss

Chief of Staff & Corporate Strategy

Krish Dharma

Strategic Advisor, SEMI Supply Chain Initiative

Elle Liang

Coordinator, Events & Project