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MSIG Groups

Key to the MSIG's mission is providing opportunities for our members to connect and collaborate on some of the biggest issues in the industry. Driven by member requests and changing industry needs, we have formed several working groups to open a dialogue into key issues and seek solutions that will benefit the entire industry.

We invite you to explore recent activities and accomplishments for the following working groups and task forces, and to join us to help tackle these important issues! 

Governing Council


The Governing Council represents the interests of the MSIG to the management of SEMI and the SEMI International Board of Directors. The group is composed of executives from companies spanning the supply chain of MEMS and sensors technology companies of varied sizes. Members primarily have industry experience useful in advising MSIG as it works to fulfill its mission. Members meet several times a year and via teleconference to chart and advise staff on strategic activities and future direction of MSIG. Each position on the MSIG Governing Council carries a minimum of one 3-year term to be extended up to one time.


Technical Advisory Committee


The Technical Advisory Committee supports the MEMS and Sensors Industry Group overall mission of advancing MEMS and sensors across global markets by offering non-binding technical expertise and advice. This includes recommendation of technical focus areas for:

  • Conferences, workshops and forums
  • Potential R&D programs funding
  • Review and development of technical materials

Hall of Fame

The MEMS & Sensors Industry Group created the Hall of Fame in 2011 to honor and appreciate those who have made a substantial and lasting impact on SEMI MSIG.

Emerging Leaders Award

Designed to recognize innovative under 40 emerging leaders within our industry who have made a significant impact by creating the products, methods, and materials of tomorrow.

MSIG Working Groups & Taskforces

Device Working Group

The Device Working Group is exploring environmental sensors with topics spanning optical, gas, and air quality sensors. We are working towards drafting standards for various parameters of environmental sensors as the market is highly fragmented in terms of accuracy and parameters of such sensors. The next step is to identify baseline parameters to build standards upon them. We would like to recruit more members from end-user companies as well as sensors manufacturers to drive this collaborative effort.

Manufacturing Working Group

Led by the chair, Michelle Bourke from Lam Research, the Manufacturing Working Group is ready to submit two outstanding ballots for voting. The first document is a guide for the use of test patterns for characterizing a deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) process. The document describes a test structure useful for characterizing the performance of a particular DRIE tool. The second document is to standardize specification for silicon substrates used in the fabrication of MEMS. This MEMS substrate document will lower the time to purchase, time to market, and overall cost by providing the necessary information for ordering and specifying such substrates. Subsequently, the Manufacturing Working Group is starting new activities by identifying other industry challenges such as security, reliability, and packaging and higher integration.

Reliability Working Group

Big customers spend extra resources developing their own qualification specifications and tests. Suppliers can then spend extra resources qualifying parts to many different customer standards. Large customers can afford the infrastructure needed for their own qualification and testing procedures and laboratories. They can demand specific testing as well, causing the suppliers to create different tests for each customer. This can be both time consuming and add cost. Additionally, smaller customers could be unaware of potential issues they might be missing as they are not as staffed as fully as the larger companies. For these reasons, a standard for testing and reliability is needed. We are creating a document that will include various environmental levels and lifetimes much like traditional semiconductor reliability standards. Areas will include storage, shipping, and operational and lifetime testing. Some tests are common while others are custom. Our new document will clarify the testing and reliability required and eventually lead to a new reliability standard for the MEMS and Sensors Industry.

Smart Cities Task Force

The Smart Cities (and Spaces) task force identifies Smart City projects, opportunities and needs by connecting the “Smart City” supply chain comprising sensors manufacturers and system integrators with government (e.g. City CIOs) leaders. The group is identifying Smart City project pain points related to sensor technology, longevity, and project implementation. All participants will better understand sensor capabilities requirements, and roadmaps and how to better implement the technology into smart cities and smart spaces. The goal is to create now new smart city project awareness, guidelines, and standards.

If you're interested in joining these working groups, please email your request to

Event Speakers Committee

Event committee

These committees support the development of event themes and content, assist in identifying and/or recruiting speakers, and related functions as a steering committee. For more information on the events or committees in your region, please contact your regional office.

Event committee

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