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NBMC - A Community of Multi-disciplinary Experts

NBMC focuses on specific challenges and opportunities early in the R&D process and raises the readiness levels of nano- and bio- technologies by creating a community of experts who, together, conduct strategic gap analysis and vet the placement of public/private sector funding.

NBMC was formed in 2013 under a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to SEMI. AFRL and SEMI have partnered to focus on several key application areas for next-generation medical monitoring in the defense sector, but common enabling electronic technologies for health and wellness create an excellent example of dual-use opportunity. Innovations in the public sector are springboards for new products in digital health and personalized medicine.

Make Meaningful Business Decisions

NBMC is structured to help organizations in and around the nano-bio materials industry make meaningful business connections and better-informed decisions. Device manufacturers, software providers, consultants, materials and equipment suppliers, foundry partners, market analysts, OEMs, integrators, non-profits, investors and end-users from across industry and U.S. Defense, all plug into the NBMC network to form alliances that will move their businesses and strategies forward faster.

Engagement in the process and findings ensures participating organization are current with R&D trends and activities.

Since 2013, seventeen separate programs with more than two dozen organizational participants developed materials, electronics, microfluidics, manufacturing processes and algorithms to create low cost, wearable sensors. Most of these integrated sensing systems communicate wirelessly, are flexible and incorporate high performance silicon devices that are designed to move with the individual.

Our Unique Consortium Model

Our consortium model is based on more than 20 years of experience and ensures that the intellectual property (IP) developed remains with the inventor. Members are accorded an evaluation license that restricts use for non-commercial development only while fostering collaboration. The evaluation license is in effect only for the time they remain members of the consortia.

Previous advancements included subsystems designed for ECG, functionalized biomarker sensors and hydration sensors. The NBMC program continues its next phase, with an emphasis on advanced electronics to develop technologies relevant not only to health monitoring but also diagnostics and performance augmentation.

These innovations are laying the groundwork for new products in digital health and personalized medicine as well as enabling solutions for the US Air Force en route care mission, point-of-care diagnostics and overall health protection.

Contact us at to discuss how you can benefit from NBMC Membership.

Staff Contacts

Contact SEMI-NBMC staff at, or call 1.408.943.6900, to connect with one of our Staff Contacts below.

Melissa Grupen-Shemansky, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer, SEMI
Rene Kranz
R&D Program Manager
Elizabeth Marzili
Program & Event Coordinator
Andy Knopes
Membership Manager - Americas

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