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Engage in the SEMI Smart Mobility Initiative

SEMI Smart Mobility initiative is designed to engage automotive OEMs, Tier 1s, device makers, design houses, equipment and materials companies as well as R&D institutes in the Global Automotive Advisory Council (GAAC) to connect, collaborate and innovate along the global automotive electronics supply chain.

smart mobility

What is Smart Mobility?

Smart Mobility refers to the integrated application of modern technologies and management strategies in transportation systems.

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Global Automotive Advisory Council

Participating companies include auto manufacturers (OEMs), Tier 1 and Tier 2 electronics suppliers, device makers, electronics manufacturing equipment and materials suppliers, and other related organizations.

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Working Groups

Explore Smart Mobility working groups to see how members are collaborating to advance the development of automotive electronic systems, including semiconductors, MEMS, sensors, imaging systems, displays, and other solutions.

Why SEMI Smart Mobility?

Smart transportation

The automotive sector represents the fastest-growing market for new electronic systems and devices, encompassing opportunities including autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, electrification, connectivity, communications, safety, cybersecurity, infotainment, and more.

SEMI is uniquely positioned to serve the automotive electronics market with its long history of connecting the electronics manufacturing and design ecosystem to collaborate and innovate together and address shared business and technology challenges. SEMI members are already making significant contributions to this development through the advancement of automotive electronic systems, including semiconductors, design, MEMS, sensors, imaging systems, and displays.


  • Connect and synchronize the automotive electronics and semiconductor manufacturing supply chain, from concept to consumer and from silicon to system
  • Identify common objectives, challenges, and opportunities for advancing automotive electronics
  • Collectively harmonize and align automotive requirements and standards towards the autonomous car of the future
  • Create action-oriented communities for open dialogue and transparent collaboration around roadmaps, standards, regulatory developments, and public policy advocacy
Smart transportation
“With rapid advances in automotive electronics technology, semiconductors now play a critical role in innovation and product differentiation. In order to fulfill the promise of sustainable, connected-to-everything, highly automated mobility up to autonomous driving, we need to also align automotive requirements across the entire semiconductor value chain. With its global platform, SEMI is the right association to bring together supply chain stakeholders for the close collaboration critical to driving technology innovation.”
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Dr. Klaus Buettner
Executive Vice President, Development Electrics/Electronics, Audi

Explore how SEMI Smart Mobility is synchronizing the automotive and electronics supply chains.

Automotive Electronics Ecosystem

                                                This is a representative image of SEMI’s Smart Mobility ecosystem. It does not include all participating companies.

SEMI Smart Mobility Membership

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•    Connect and collaborate with companies and individuals across the global automotive and automotive electronics supply chain
•    Learn about developing technologies and applications, technology roadmaps, critical issues, and more
•    Demonstrate and present your technologies, solutions, and business strategies at SEMI conferences, seminars, and meet-ups
•    Meet and network with peers and experts from around the global automotive and automotive electronics industries

Anyone with a business or technology interest in advanced automotive electronics applications is invited to participate, including:

• Automotive OEMs
• Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive electronics and systems suppliers
• Device manufacturers: semiconductors, MEMS, sensors, imaging systems, displays, etc.
• Semiconductor design houses
• Electronics manufacturing equipment, materials, and services suppliers
• Government agencies and policy experts
• R&D and Innovation institutes
• Security and safety experts
• Software developers

  1. To join Smart Mobility, you first have to be a SEMI member. Learn more about SEMI membership and cost of membership. 
  2. Fill out our membership application.
  3. Contact your local SEMI office to speak to a representative from that region or email us with any questions at
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Collaboration Across Automotive & Semiconductor Supply Chain

Watch Andreas Aal, CARIAD, a Volkswagen Group Company, Bettina Weiss, SEMI, Antoine Amade and Jennifer Braggin, Entegris, explore the intersection of automotive innovation and semiconductor technologies and describe the opportunities presented by collaborating across these supply chains. To realize the potential of autonomous transportation, ensuring the functional safety of increasingly digital transportation is vital.

Smart Mobility News

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Smart Mobility
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Smart Mobility
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Smart Mobility
SEMI Evolves with Eye to Future: Interview with Bettina Weiss
Smart Mobility
Bettina Weiss, SEMI, on why semiconductors are the crucial backbone of the cars of the future.

Learn more about SMART Mobility

For more information about the SEMI Smart Mobility initiatives, contact Bettina Weiss, Chief of Staff and Global Smart Mobility Lead, SEMI, at