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The SEMI Foundation takes an employer-led, worker-centric, holistic approach to workforce development. Our work supports pathways for both future and current talent to find their career and purpose in the microelectronics industry. From grade school awareness initiatives to programs that help veterans transition to industry jobs to reskilling and upskilling training for incumbent workers, we help people from all walks of life find their futures in the exciting world of chips.

Below, you will find links and information on SEMI Foundation programs and initiatives, and please feel free to reach out to us at

"Chip in" Trailer

The SEMI Foundation proudly supported Roadtrip Nation to create "Chip In!", a new documentary airing on PBS in April about people and careers in microelectronics. Watch the trailer now and follow three young people as they explore the huge, future-focused, and exciting world of the chip industry.

Not All Bunny Suits

The microelectronics industry is filled with diverse and exciting career opportunities that span many interests, from engineering to marketing to human resources. Explore our Career Portal to find your fit!


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SEMI Foundation Initiatives

Events and Information

Executive Testimonials

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Bobby Bell
Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer, KLA
“SEMI Workforce Development is successfully partnering with our industry to attract talent and build out the talent pipeline. KLA has been impressed by the quality of students intercepted at recent SEMI events and hopes that SEMI continues to drive talent to our industry.”
For more info, visit KLA and the SEMI Foundation.

Katy Crist

Katy Crist
Senior Manager, Strategic Alliances and Partnerships, TEL
"Over the past several years, I've had an intimate look at the SEMI Foundation’s work to tackle the most substantial challenges facing our industry – talent crisis, industry image, and D&I. As a member of the Board of Trustees, I look forward to working more closely with the Foundation to strengthen our industry across these and other critical issues."
For more info, visit TEL and the SEMI Foundation.