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July 20, 2023

Podcast: Taking Aim at Electronics Supply Chain Challenges and Solutions at SEMICON West 2023

Supply chain disruptions continue to ripple across the electronics industry as economic uncertainty, stricter export controls, geopolitical tensions, and sustainability challenges continue to exert their influence. For the industry, agility has become the name of game.

At the Navigating Uncertainty – How Do You Build Agile Supply Chains? panel at SEMICON West 2023, industry experts discussed the foundational requirements for an agile supply chain and explored new, collaborative ways to address challenges in a rapidly changing environment. Bettina Weiss, SEMI Chief of Staff & Corporate Strategy, moderated the panel that included senior executives from Dell, Intel, KLA, McKinsey & Company and Resilinc.

In the latest episode of the SEMICON West 2023 podcast series, Francoise von Trapp of 3D InCites spoke with Weiss and Bindiya Vakil, CEO and Founder of Resilinc and one of the panelists, last week at the event about how to deal with the complexities of the semiconductor supply chain. The conversation explores why the chip industry continues to struggle with supply chain disruptions after two years and their connection to sustainability.

More importantly, Weiss and Vakil examine how companies can set themselves up for supply chain success and discuss the SEMI Supply Chain Management (SCM) Initiative, a global platform that brings together top industry leaders to advance a more resilient and agile electronics supply chain.



To learn more about the SCM or become a member, please contact us at

Michael Hall is a marketing communications manager at SEMI.