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April 2, 2024

Podcast: A Balancing Act – Semiconductor Supply Chain Resiliency Strategy and Cashflow

Increasing semiconductor supply chain resilience and security is of paramount priority at the global level, with additional focus and awareness being built by such collective efforts as the SEMI Supply Chain Management (SCM) initiative, the U.S. CHIPS and Science Act, the EU Chips Act, and the UK Science and Technology Framework. Thankfully, that focus continues to percolate down to global companies as more business leaders and their supply chain decision makers work to implement supply chain resiliency more effectively as a core cross-departmental function.

This episode of Resilinc’s Rethinking Resilience supply chain podcast features industry insights from Bettina Weiss, Vice President of Business Development and Product Management at SEMI, and George Thompson, Director of the Semiconductor Supply Chain Practice at Genpact, on the transformative changes affecting semiconductor supply chains. They discuss how companies can strategically prioritize both supply chain resiliency investment while increasing business revenue.

Weiss and Thompson, together with Chris Benham, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Resilinc, also explore why the dialogue around supply chain resiliency needs to be more of an “AND”, and not an “OR”, to improve and protect a company’s top line revenue as well as long-term resiliency. They discuss the need to set the right expectations when embarking on a supply chain resiliency program, and how such industry efforts such as the SEMI SCM initiative bring customers, suppliers, competitors and peers together to collectively work on solutions to achieve supply chain resiliency. The bottom line: It’s an industry problem, not an individual company problem.

Episode chapters include:

00:00 | Introduction

1:29 | Importance of supply chain resiliency

4:06 | How to balance top-line revenue versus cost?

8:09 | How geopolitical scenarios impact nearshoring and reshoring strategies

13:47 | Transforming supply chain disruptions into your competitive advantage

18:22 | The power of partnerships for the ROI of resiliency

22:06 | Call to action for smaller suppliers

Listen to the podcast episode

Learn how SEMI, Resilinc and Genpact work together to improve semiconductor supply chain resiliency and agility.

About SEMI Supply Chain Management Initiative

The SEMI Supply Chain Management initiative is a unique global platform that brings together top industry leaders to advance a more resilient and agile electronics supply chain. The initiative’s Industry Advisory Council is committed to driving engagement, creating tools and solutions through collaboration, and ensuring alignment in global end-to-end supply chain continuity, visibility, and transparency. Through working groups, educational forums, benchmarking, standards development, and strategic partnerships, SEMI seeks to empower our members so they can anticipate and respond to future disruptions proactively. Visit the website to learn more.

Nishita Rao is Senior Product Marketing Manager at SEMI.