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MedTech: Revolutionizing Healthcare with Innovative Technologies

Smart MedTech is one of the four SEMI Initiatives chosen as key drivers of electronics development and market growth.  Medical electronics and digital health address a market undergoing tremendous disruption - and transforming the practice of healthcare. 

Smart MedTech logo

The SEMI initiatives are focused on building communities, content and activities around critical and emerging electronics markets and connecting the medical electronics supply chain - including device manufacturers, designers, electronics component suppliers and developers - with the advancements being made in marrying electronics with biological functions.

The objective of the Smart MedTech effort is to bring together multiple stakeholders to speed the time to better digital health products and solutions.  Utilizing the power to connect, collaborate and innovate, SEMI gathers scientists, doctors, engineers and business development professionals from industry, government and universities from across the globe to address the common industry challenges and opportunities.

Biomarker Sensing & Diagnostics for Telemedicine

In August 2020, SEMI Smart MedTech, NBMC & AFRL, held an 8-hour workshop on Biomarker Sensing & Diagnostics for Telemedicine. This program content is available OnDemand. Watch here for a glimpse into the program. Visit the Event Web Page for more detail on speakers and topics.

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Why Smart MedTech?

Electronic medical devices have developed in much the same way as electronics have for business applications.  Developed as bulky, rigid devices, and pre-programmed with a pre-defined set of features.  Due to their critical, life-impacting functions, these devices have a very high regulatory burden and could only be operated by trained personnel. 

But the advent of light-weight, low-power, sophisticated sensors and semiconductors have changed the model and the very definition of healthcare from a doctor providing the analysis of ‘healthy’ to electronics detecting and analyzing health.  Demand for professional and personal products which detect and analyze health is skyrocketing and much of their availability is due to advancements in electronics which is expected to continue.

Nano-Bio Materials Consortium – NBMC

In the U.S., SEMI-NBMC has been working since 2013 with the US Air Force Research Laboratory, to develop materials, electronics,


microfluidic devices and process, and algorithms to create low cost, wearable sensors to detect biomarkers from sweat, focused on the Aeromedical and Human Augmentation missions.  The group has created sensors for electrocardiography, functionalized biomarker sensors, hydration sensors, some of which were self-powered.  Most of these devices communicate wirelessly, are flexible and incorporate high performance silicon devices that are bendable. Learn more about the NBMC.  SEMI is also closely connected to MedTech companies and consortia in all of our SEMI Regions.  Contact your Regional Representative to hear how you can be involved.

Where to Connect on Smart MedTech

Look for SMART MedTech Pavilions at almost every SEMICON Event and at every FLEX event around the world.  Also watch for special workshops, gap analysis meetings and other events hosted by the Nano-Bio Materials Consortium (NBMC).  These are frequently run in partnership with key outside groups to bring information and project funding to the electronics industry.

SEMI-NBMC also periodically hosts focused workshops and webinars on topics in this field. To discuss speaking or participating in one of these events, contact Michelle Fabiano or visit the Nano-Bio Materials Consortium (NBMC) website for more information.

Connections to SEMI-FlexTech

The rise of flexible, printed & hybrid electronics is a primary enabler of creating conformable rigid PCBs and fitting them to the contours and movement of the human form.  FLEX -  Flexible & Printed Electronics Conference & Exhibition - and the MEMS & Sensors Technical Congress (MSTC) focus on this activity.  Learn more at FlexTech and the FLEX webpages.