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SEMI Career and Apprenticeship Network (SCAN)

The objectives of SCAN are to: build a national microelectronics apprenticeship network and model;
build awareness around rewarding industry careers; recruit, train, hire, and support a more diverse
workforce; provide stackable, recognized industry credentials; and help the industry shift its practices to
welcome alternative educational pathways and open the door to new and diverse talent pools.

SCAN’s design will embody dual perspectives: that of the employers, who need to fill significant workforce
shortages; and that of the participants, who need specific supports to complete the program and to feel
welcome and thrive in these new workplaces. SCAN will be first piloted in the San Francisco Bay Area of
California and in Phoenix, Arizona and is designed to scale across the U.S.

FAB owners alliance

Benefits of Apprenticeships for Employers

- A fundamental shift in how companies traditionally hire entry-level talent
- A clear path to identifying, training and hiring talent
- A shift toward more inclusive approaches to hiring
- Unparalleled partnerships with employers, community colleges and universities
- Establishes an infrastructure that aligns with broad industry standard


Benefits for Job Seekers

- Earn and increase wages while training
- Learn and apply high demand skills
- Broaden skills and experience for a fast-growing career
- Apprentice earns portable and stackable credentials
- Credits toward completion of a degree/certificate with partnering community colleges

WFD training

Benefits for Training Providers

- Establishes related technical instruction
- High volume gateway to a 1- to 2-year certificate and degree program
- Employer support that leads student to have strong persistence and completion rates
- Industry-driven curriculum and content alignment

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