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APHI Technology Innovation

To help the semiconductor industry keep pace with increasing chip performance and cost demands, SEMI has launched the Advanced Packaging Heterogeneous Integration (APHI) Technology Community as part of our longstanding support of advanced packaging innovation through events and standards development.


To foster an Advanced Packaging and Heterogeneous Integration community focused on supporting global, pre-competitive tech development and innovation for manufacturing readiness.

Global connections


To educate, raise awareness, remove barriers, drive consensus and adoption, interoperability and development of design-enabling Advanced Packaging and Heterogenous Integration (APHI) technology and standards, empowering electronics industry and its enabling ecosystems to speed up time to market for reliable advanced electronic and photonic system

• Awareness through education (SEMI U) and events (Conferences & Forums)

• Identify technology gaps & new standards to support APHI (non-duplicative)

• Industrial Advisory Committee (IAC) to facilitate holistic & congruent roadmaps

• Active in all SEMI regions to address shared/common challenges

• Include regional HI startups technology roadmaps

• Build tools for members to assess existing capability & use cases to validate ROI for future (onshoring) investment

• Facilitate member-driven technology & proof-of-concept projects & support CHIPS NSTC/NAPMP Programs

Advanced Packaging & Heterogeneous Integration (APHI)

Core Activities


Our mission is to advance the growth and prosperity of our member companies' ecosystems by constantly conceptualizing, developing and providing high-value products, services and solutions.

Connect and collaborate with companies and individuals across the global electronics supply chain Learn about developing APHI technologies and applications, technology roadmaps, critical issues, and more Demonstrate and present your technologies, solutions, and business strategies at SEMI conferences, seminars, and meet-ups Meet and network with peers and experts from around the global electronics ecosystem Contact us via email us with any questions at

Anyone with a business or technology interest in Advanced Packaging, Heterogeneous Integration is invited to participate, including:

Device manufacturers semiconductors, optics, materials, sensors, etc. Electronics manufacturing equipment, materials, and solution providers Government agencies and policy experts R&D and Innovation institutes.

To join APHI, you first have to be a SEMI member. To learn more about SEMI membership and cost of membership contact your local SEMI office to speak to a representative from that region or email us with any questions at

Fill out our membership application to join

APHI Membership Benefits

Upcoming Events

Committee Chairs

Ravi Mahajan, Intel (Fellow)
William Bill Chen, ASE (Fellow)

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