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Survey Overview

As part of its global Supply Chain Management (SCM) initiative, SEMI, in collaboration with McKinsey & Company, is launching an annual Semiconductor Supply Chain Survey tailored specifically to the microelectronics industry. The survey covers the entire value chain including material suppliers, equipment manufacturers, IDMs, Fabless, Foundry, OSATs, OEMs, and service providers.

Survey Scope and Call for Participation

The annual survey is designed to establish benchmarks for operational agility metrics, filling the gaps left by standard industry reports. Your valuable input is crucial in creating a comprehensive and integrated view across a broader set of metrics. As a key player in the industry, your perspective will help build more accurate insights and understanding of the factors from an end-to-end supply chain perspective.

Invest a Few Minutes for Industry Impact!

Your expertise matters! Please spare us 15-20 minutes of your time to complete this important, anonymous survey by April 19.

Share your insights to benchmark operational agility metrics.

Take the Survey

Spread the Impact!

We also encourage you to share the survey link with appropriate members of your organization whose insights are crucial for specific semiconductor categories or functions.

SEMI will aggregate, anonymize, and analyze the results and share the findings, enabling you to benchmark against your peers, swiftly identify key issues and course-correct in near-real time.

Please fill out the form at the end of the survey to receive the comprehensive report of the survey results analysis and an invitation to the live webinar. 

The survey has 5 sections covering the following topics:

  • Macroeconomic indicators
  • Supply vs. Demand Outlook
  • Lead times, Capacity, Inventory Management.
  • Sourcing and Procurement
  • Current Trends and Risks

Survey Schedule for 2024:

Survey Release: March 

Outcome Analysis: April - May

Survey Report-out Webinar: End of May

Report-out presentation at SEMICON West: July


Thank you for being a driving force in advancing the microelectronics supply chain landscape with SEMI!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us at