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SEMI Foundation Mission & Vision

WFD HTU in Korea

SEMI Foundation Mission

The mission of the SEMI Foundation is to support economic opportunity for workers and the sustained growth of the microelectronics industry.

We accomplish this through creating pathways and opportunities for job seekers, and tools and systems for semiconductor companies to attract, develop, and retain a diverse, innovative, and skilled workforce.

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SEMI Foundation Vision

Our vision is a thriving microelectronics industry with a highly diverse, skilled workforce in all levels of leadership and management. We accomplish this by:
* Advocating for more equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace from recruitment to promotion.
* Developing science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) professional skills development programs for middle school, high school and university students
* Connecting companies with communities
* Developing programs for educators, veterans, women, and other adults looking to re-skill and up-skill their talents.

Who We Are — SEMI and the SEMI Foundation

The SEMI Foundation is a non-profit, public benefit arm of SEMI, the broadest tech-focused, not-for-profit, global industry association in the world.  

SEMI represents the electronics manufacturing and design supply chain, connecting over 2,400 member companies and 1.3 million professionals worldwide. Through its programs, communities, initiatives, market research, and advocacy, SEMI informs and coordinates its members and the industry, cultivates collaboration, drives action, and synchronizes innovation to speed business results. Regional and technology communities are connected in pre-competitive forums for global collective action. 

The SEMI Foundation supports workforce development in the semiconductor industry. Our charge is to dramatically expand the pipeline of talented workers ready to fill the significant workforce deficits reported by companies worldwide. We are leveraging this critical need for new and more workers as an opportunity to diversify the talent pool, benefitting both the workers and their communities, as well as the companies who hire them. 

Our primary focus for diversity, equity and inclusion is to provide opportunity, engagement, information, support, networks, education, and inspiration for Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and other marginalized people of color, veterans, and women to join and thrive in this sector.  By welcoming these populations into the semiconductor workforce, we connect them to stable, well-paying jobs, which improve their lives and their communities.  

By creating a larger and more diverse workforce, we strengthen the semiconductor companies, increasing productivity, innovation, and revenue. 

We accomplish our work through a series of programs and initiatives. Click on the links in the navigation bar under WorkForce to learn more about those programs, and visit our Workforce Development page to learn about our approach to this work.  Or download the SEMI Workforce Development Brochure to get the big picture.

SEMI Foundation Board of Trustees and Staff

Workforce Development, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Advisory Council

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