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Mission and Vision

SEMI Foundation MissionThe mission of the SEMI Foundation is to support economic opportunity for workers and the sustained growth of the microelectronics industry.

We accomplish this through creating pathways and opportunities for job seekers, and tools and systems for semiconductor companies to attract, develop, retain, and advance a diverse and skilled workforce.

Our vision is a thriving microelectronics industry with a highly diverse, skilled workforce in all levels of leadership and management. We accomplish this by:

  • Advocating for more equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace
  • Supporting science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs for students of all ages
  • Supporting pathways for underrepresented people to enter the industry
  • Advocating for robust workforce development funding, policies, and programs - regionally, nationally, and globally
  • Connecting employers, training providers, worker representatives, and communities to solve workforce challenges and support economic equity


The SEMI Foundation proudly supported Roadtrip Nation to create "CHIP In!", a new documentary airing on PBS in April about people and careers in microelectronics. Follow three young people as they explore the huge, future-focused, and exciting world of the chip industry. The full documentary is available online now for viewing. 

Secure CHIPS Act Funding with Expert Workforce Development Support

"The CHIPS Program, which was authorized in 2022 as part of the CHIPS and Science Act, is comprised of two separate components.

The SEMI Foundation is recognized as a strategic workforce development partner by the National Institute of Standards and Technology/Department of Commerce.
Get tailored support and expert guidance in developing pre-applications and full applications. Benefit from our strategic partnership to fulfill programmatic requirements for CHIPS Act applications. Leverage our expertise as a backbone organization to establish and maintain sectoral partnerships and workforce development networks to maximize your chance of success.

Who We Are - SEMI and the SEMI Foundation


We accomplish our work through a series of programs and initiatives. Click on the links in the navigation bar under WorkForce to learn more about those programs, and visit our Workforce Development page to learn about our approach to this work.

If you are interested in support for your CHIPS Act application workforce development plan, please click here to download our SEMI Foundation WFD DEI Menu of Services. This document details the support we can provide to help you design your workforce and diversity, equity, and inclusion plan, and the programs we can provide to meet the programmatic needs of your plan.

Not All Bunny Suits

The microelectronics industry is filled with diverse and exciting career opportunities that span many interests, from engineering to marketing to human resources. Explore our Career Portal to find your fit!


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